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DANK Violator Kush and LSD

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FireInYourLungs, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I haven't posted in awhile but I recently decided since I've been getting such good nug it might be worth sharing some pics.

    Violator Kush:

    The Violator is fucking dank as hell and will just put you out at the end of the night. nothing like getting violated right before bed.

    I also started a Twitter account to post pics of such dankness from my phone, check it out at!/FireInYourLungs , I'll have lots of pictures and videos that you can't access directly from my youtube account. The one thing I hate on my youtube channel is when people hit me up and say "sub my shit, follow my shit, etc" so I won't whore myself out too long, but the shits pretty tight, it will be a llot like my youtube channel. which is pretty tight i must say, I get a lot of dank strains and i have some pretty nice glass.
    Toro, SG, 9 mil - YouTube

    Anyways, right now I also have a couple ounces of the famous strain LSD. LSD is a cross of Skunk and Mazar that was developed by Barney's Farm in Amsterdam. The strain is a much better daytime smoke than the violator because it won't completely floor you and put you on your ass. The strain is called LSD because of a purportedly trippy effect it has on the user, but I just got high and got the munchies (and I've done real lucy many times before, this smoke was nothing like it). Still, a delicious strain that keeps delivering.

    Anyways, thanks for the read and I hope you guys check out my stuff, shits ganna be hellla tight
  2. Wow both look super dank man!
  3. both look mad dank brahh
  4. Thanks guys, I usually get 2-3 different strains a week so I'll have plenty of pics, if you go on my youtube channel there are ~50 HD vids with a bunch of strains from the past year or two
  5. Both look hella bomb. That Violator makes me drool. Good shit.
  6. Both of those strains are from Barney's Farm :smoke:. Got LSD getting cut tomorrow, still have yet to germ the Violator Kush but I can't wait to try it. Your buds look fantastic, enjoy them!
  7. thanks bro
    508 til i die son
  8. I have 3 LSD, and 3 Violator Kush, 8 weeks of flower, maybe one or two more to go. One of them is overpowering my carbon filter or maybe it's worn out? Anyway, I close my apartment door very fast as the stuff is stinkin, man, it smells so good. Tried out a few samples, this stuff needs a warning sign, it will make you walk funny and lose all memory! Really, it seems that I am gonna have some great smoke. Yields, don't know, not really great as I had some problems during the grow, all of the problems were of my making, like wearing street shoes in my tent and then having a Thrips infestation, more and more mistakes but I'm learning. Thank G-d for Spiniosad! It is like a fairy tale where the bad guy Thrips all went to their grave.

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