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DANK Silver Wreck 5g Nug

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TMadd, May 10, 2010.

  1. Here's a 5g nug that used to be a 7g nug of Silver Wreck. So dank and crystally... [8]

  2. Looks decent, might be more appealing if they did a better job at trimming, because no offense that is a horrible trim job..
  3. Nice. I agree with atomic but still looks like some fire! Super Silver Haze x Trainwreck?
  4. Yes, and it's great. The trim job is horrible? Really? I forgot leaves caked with trichomes were bad =/
  5. Its not horrible, id just rather smoke bud and save the leaves for hash lol

  6. Word^…def looks pretty dank tho Op
  7. Thanks. Yeah I don't make hash ever.. too lazy and ignorant to.
  8. Looks so dank, fuck tha haters. leafs don't look like shit
  9. Thats sooo dank.
  10. I'm just finishing up my Silver Wreck. Great high. It's great for getting rid of headaches I've discovered. My next delivery is going to be NY Diesel. I really enjoyed the SW though. :(
  11. Looks fuckin DANK! nice pickup dude!:)

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