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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Triple OG Toker, May 9, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]



    Name: Trainwreck

    Type: Sativa

    Looks: Pretty dense nugs, puple leaves covering, and trichomes everywhere. Nugs a little sticky, but well cured making it crumble easily.

    Smell: Heavy kush smell mixed with a slight berry tang. A very potent stench lingers long after consumption.

    Taste: An enjoyable tasty pine, but very sweet on the exhale. It was accompanied by a heavy dense smoke that was definitely a choker.

    Buzz Type: Although it is almost completely sativa, it is powerful enough to put you to sleep. This educed couch lock and some power naps. But if properly used, will really get your thoughts racing.

    Buzz Length: 2 1/2 hours
  2. Some delicious looking nuggets, how much did this run you ?
  3. HOLY SHIT. Now that is a quality nug right there. Have fun with that...:smoke:
  4. Damn..
  5. Damn that is soooo nice looking! ENJOY that!
  6. gorgeous nugs
  7. This is my fav strain, had a nug like that not to long ago.

    Top of the line
  8. nice! purple trainwreck is probly my favorite tasting bud.
  9. oufff what a dream, id love to be smoking that right now :D
  10. Frosty, and awesome pictures!
  11. this is frost on top of frost. Not the most fond of purps but if i ever seen this deff a pick up.:bongin:
  12. I would hit that...but I would trim those fucking leafs that are staring me down
  13. I would hit that...but I would trim those fucking leafs that are staring me down

    You're joking about the leaves I hope? Those leaves protect those buds and the trychs under it. Without them, your weed would be half as potent by the time you get it. Georgeous nugs. TW is tops.
  14. i pooped a little, nice shtuff my friend
  15. Mmmmm. Looks tasty.
  16. You can not make me cry...

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