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DANK Pickup - Sour Diesel Romulan [Macros] -56k beware-

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by drummersince99, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Today I picked up some Sour Diesel Romulan. It is definately dank bud. Its harder to see
    the crystals because these are smaller nugs, the first picture nugs weighs about 2g total.
    its got a strong smoke, tastes great in the volcano. the sour diesel is mostly sativa and the
    romulan is indica. I got an 1/8th for $50, a little higher then usual, but everyone else was
    dry. What do you think?






  2. Nice buds and nice strain.

    I wouldnt mind paying 50 for a mix of that.

    Yet i pay that anyway.
  3. those pictures sobered me up. in a good way, obviously
  4. looks great
  5. Nice man...I used to get that a lot when I live in PA:smoke:
  6. nice pickup
  7. nice pickup, i would definatly pay 50 for that
  8. Looks nice and tasty. Well grown.
  9. mm sour D + romulan :) very nice pickup man
  10. interesting cross and looks awesome, I'd pay $50 no problem.
  11. Bet it's awesome, two great strains...
    I'd pay 70 an 8th for that bro. So don't feel bad about 50.
  12. Dam fine looking nug. It is inspiring me, to break out the Widow early today. Wow man, great shots.
  13. I'd pay 50 for a slice of that nuggetry. :bongin:
  14. dankkkk

    love it
  15. thanks for the feedback so far. i would agree 50 is a pretty good price for it

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