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DANK New Sack *pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BlazinBlizzard, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Just picked up some Super Silverhaze cross. Has a little purple in it.

    The last picture is of the bud I just finished off. It was some sort of kush.

    Sorry for the bad pictures. My camera is soso:(


  2. looks amazin bro
  3. That looks better than my friends results. Dank as fuck.
  4. Happy toking. :bongin:
  5. Thanks everyone.

    I plan to get a good camera soon, i feel like im not giving my bud any online justice.

    Happy toking over labor day weekend
  6. those look like they would stick to tha damn wall son nice
  7. Your pics look fine as they are :smoke:
  8. Thanks for all the good vibes.

    Makes me feel better, kinda been down lately:(

    Personal blunt anyone?:smoking::hello:

  9. That last pic of that orange hairs makes my mouth water. Personal blunt..HA!

    Very nice maaan.
  10. damn bet u got loaded as fuck after takin that fat blunt of that funky frosty bud to ur dome
  11. Im hella baked

    I love glass, vapes, and sharing bud with everyone.

    BUT theres something about smokin a bleezy all to myself :love:, that just gets me blazed:smoking:
  12. Damn nice roll man. Nice bud too!
  13. Beautiful buds man. I especially like the last two nugs. :smoke:
  14. Thanks alot man. Just takes practice to get em like that, and ive had way to much of that:D
  15. nice lookin blunt .. what brand cigar/wrap is that?
  16. gooood that personal blunt is sooo mouth watering :p
  17. Thanks alot man.

    Swisher Grapes FTW. mine were nice and fresh too :hello:
  18. yea yea. grape swishers is in my top 5 favorite blunts to roll up
    +rep if i havent already
  19. My thoughts exactly. Damn nice pick-up
  20. thats a smooth looking blunt dude. The herb is nice on the eyes too! nice pick up

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