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Dank highs last sooo long

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by austin., May 14, 2011.

  1. Sorry for a cool story bro thread, but im stoned and just realized this.

    I usually 99 times out of 100 smoke mids, but sometimes I'll get some dank. I read threads all the time of people saying I like watching a movie or two when high, i like doing this for two hours when high, etc... and im like wtf? My highs usually last half an hour at that, but with dank I'm stoned off 1 bowl for an easy two hours at peak.
    Dank is so worth the extra money, just saying.

  2. its worth it until you smoke it every day for months at a time and your tolerance shoots through the roof lol
  3. ....Need...........dank
  4. that is one of the many things i love about my danky goodness. :love:
  5. I am in the land of dankness right now. So worth worth it.
  6. bro story cool
  7. Bro tells good story
  8. You should really tell it again sometime. Seriously
  9. I have a decent tolerance and smoke every day nearly all the time when at home, but I'll wake up and take a bong rip or two of fire before work and be good nearly through my entire shift.

  10. bro stool cory
  11. man dank highs are inconvenient when you have shit to do later...i fucking hate spending 3 hours laid out stoned when i have plans. lol
  12. I have always smoked mids, but recently I started smoking high grade and occasionally, kush. I definitely see why so many people say you can't go back after trying.. The high itself is just so much more pleasurable. The quality of it overall, lasting longer, the hits.. Ah, I miss the good stuff. As of late, I've been smoking shitty mids. I'm hoping to get hooked up SOON!

  13. Ditto :devious:

  14. Exactly. Dank is incredible, there's no doubt about that. But I always end up shooting my tolerance all the way back up so fast.
  15. Im comng down off the dankkkk cloud but chea 1 bowl a good hour and a half...Mr Spacely.

  16. corys stool is bro
  17. I'd much rather smoke a g of dank than smoke a quarter of mids. Dank keeps me high, even if I'm out doing something. When I smoke mids soon as I get up and start going somewhere I'm almost sober immediately. Plus the high from mids only lasts like 30 minutes, dank is like 2+ hours off much much much less.
  18. One of the few who can say i've pretty much only smoked Dank.
  19. I mostly smoke dank. I'm lucky enough to have pretty good dealers.

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