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dank half oz. pick up.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by weed_smoke, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Quarter of Hydro PK in the tall jar, and a quarter of Master Kush in the short tasty 8)



    Master Kush


  2. Damn man. Medi buds or?

    Very very dank!:cool:
  3. that last picture made my mouth water.

  4. nope, just some local BC bud :)

    the master kush is my new best friend. most enjoyable high i've had in a while
  5. amazing. i can already smell it
  6. i like those jars whered u get them at
  7. Your local dealers know what's good. That is some fire looking bud, my dude.

  8. just found them around the house. The screw top one was a sesame seed jar, scraped off all the writing except for the "100% organic" part...for obvious reasons. and the other jar was just sitting in some drawer.

    you can buy a mason jar at any arts and crafts store like Micheals or some shit

    :smoke: yeah my connect is a G. quarter of master=75$. quarter of PK=$70
  9. looks like some of the kush i just picked up

    nothing beats the high and taste, imo
  10. nice master kush, ill +rep you when i can
  11. God damn! Good price haha. That shizz would go for like 120-140 a quarter where Im at haha.
  12. Im sure you got a full quarter but it's looking kinda short in the short one...whatever.
    DANK pickup senor ! :eek:
  13. Dank nuggets my dude.
  14. fuck them jars.
  15. looks like some great dank you got there
  16. proper dro but those are higher prices than in ontario
  17. Hmm Price a little high... You should be able to get higher quality for $80/1/2oz

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