Dank day today!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GetDeet, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Today was pretty cool, I got up earily as always caught the bus, sat at the back smoked up then took a test that lasted most of the day (think I did pretty good). Today no one really showed up, so it was basically deserted except for afew people who stayed behind. I thought the today was just going to be boring ass day. As I finished and was on my way out the door my friend pops up then sells me a half O. Then hes like ''hey man I'v got this big doobie that I wanna smoke it but I haven't been able to find anyone.. lets get deet'' then we left and smoked this huge joint in a candy cane flavoured paper.. just a fatty... Shit after I smoked that I was real high so I left and caught a bus home. I already cut up some of the half O and smoked it in Boris . now I'v posted what has made this day a good one for me. :)
  2. sounds like you had a good day i had a boring day i havent smoked since saturday no money and no bud keep tokin man!!
  3. man i wish my days were more like yours

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