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Dank bud smell seeping through mason jar

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by juicecity, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Just got some hella dank og, bout 8 grams, and i can smell it from outside the mason jar. the jar I used isnt really a mason jar but it looks like this. its air tight so i'm really confused as to how smell can get through the glass. and the smell is really strong from outside the jar too its not just a whiff of it or anything. i have to put a air freshner right next to the jar right now to mask the smell but any ideas on how to fix this? 

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    That jar is not air tight. Get an actual mason jar, those are better with dealing with smell. I know because I used to have a couple of those jars.
  3. You might need pliers and bend the wires in a such a fashion as to make a good compression seal with the gasket.
    You know the machines that bend up that wire does it in 2-4 seconds and shits out a bazillion of them. so they are close but not perfect.
  4. You could always try putting the bud in some bags then put the bags inside that jar
  5. I'd get medical bottles they've never failed me. portable & cheap.Who Dat!
  6. I use a jar like that and have never had an issue... Maybe buy a new one that is harder to close. Mason jars work well, but I prefer these, personally. Try putting them in ziploc bags, then in the jar. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. Would have never thought the sticky weed from your fingers is sticking to the outside of the jar.
    Wow. Ground breaking thought.
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    If it is actually air tight, this is usually the case. Glad someone brought this up, just take a damp cloth or paper towel with some sort of cleaner and see how that works

    Edit: not sayin that your jar is airtight, smelly outside
  9. get a real mason jar, if you can smell it from outside then it's not 100% airtight. It's as simple as that.
  10. I personally find that the real mason jars work extremely well. Just make sure when you seal it, to press down on the 'bump' on the lid while you are tightening it closed. That will seal it completely.
    That's not a mason jar. Those jars don't work. They don't seal properly. They're the reason mason jars were invented. If you smell it, it's not air tight. Don't call that a mason jar. Don't get a mayonaise jar instead and call it a mason jar either, those don't seal. Get an actual mason jar. Make sure it's got a new lid that will seal airtight with an unbent ring. Mason jars are the only reliable airtight jars that are inexpensive. that's why they're used for canning.
  12. I keep about announce in a mason jar. Has two parts to the lid. The top part with the rubber seal and the round part that screws it in place. Works very well. I had a super sticky nug in there, and I'm thinking I should clean it before mold grows in that shit
    Bend the tab on the LID UP....and the tab on the bottle side of the hinge DOWN...a little at a time or you'll crack it.
  14. Put the jar on ice? A freezer would keep the smell in. I did this once with some bud that reeked through my jar. I felt that it kept fresher for longer too. Didn't get dry or crumble much like you'd expect it to after a while.

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  15. It can't be air tight if smell is leaking. And it doesn't matter how many bags you use inside the jar because the smell will eventually get through plastic
  16. i want your bud
  17. My mother used to put up jams and jellys in Mason jar, along with all kinds of other good things.
  18. Not a real mason jar. If you want an actual airtight container, just go out and buy a real one.

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    get an air tight jar lol
    like so...large mouth preferred

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