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  1. Alright, so about a month ago, I decided to finally upgrade. I used to have an IBM T42-G (The G means Gooseman, I assembled it using 4 different IBM T model laptops), but I saw a good deal and went for it. What is it?

    Acer Aspire 1430-6436
    11.6" LED-LCD 1366x768 with Intel HD
    Core i3 380UM (1.33Ghz, 3MB L3 Cache)
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    500GB 5400 RPM HDD
    6-cell Lithium Ion Battery (good 5-6 hours battery life)

    CPU: 4.7
    RAM: 5.2
    Aero Graphics: 3.7
    Gaming gaphics: 4.9
    HDD: 5.7

    This thing is fast, thin, and sturdy. Whoever says Acer makes shotty hardware, well I beg to differ. This thing survived in a quadruple vehicular rollover and doesn't have a single problem. :D

    I can play almost any modern game on it, though most newer ones I need to drop to low settings.

    Only paid $550 CDN for the thing. One of the best netbooks you can buy if you ask me. :D
  2. That is pretty decent for a netbook. The price really tops it off.
  3. Definitely not bad for a netbook. Though I have a little chuckle when I thought of you playing games on it. Especially modern one. Not trying to hate, but the image in my head right now is making me laugh pretty hard.
  4. Why get a netbook with a HD which has moving parts when you can get one with the ssd and no moving parts then get an external hd?

  5. It's a hell of a lot more powerful than you think.

  6. Because it would cost more for less space, and then I'd have to carry around an external drive. That's why.
  7. It's not the power aspect, more someone gaming on a tiny little screen. The image in my head was you not hooking up a regular sized keyboard and using the tiny little WASD keys to play some first person shooter. It's just made me chuckle. It really had nothing to do with your computer at all.

  8. Ahhhhh, I see. :laughing:

    I usually just hook up a mouse and keyboard and plug the thing in through HDMI to my tv.
  9. I had a dell net book for a minute. I miss it since I sold it. It was black and pretty cute. I have ubuntu linux on it, with an encrypted hard drive. My buddy has an acer like you, has a USB stick on it that runs this version of linux for security testing. Hella funny the whole distro is for hacking. If you haven't tried linux, it really isn't for gaming; but games are for kids! Hacking is pretty fun, I mean if you can search on a computer, you can learn to use linux and hack; it's strictly motivation.

  10. May load Ubuntu onto one of my spare sticks, haven't really fucked around with linux too much, but I've been meaning to get into it.

    I'm quite the hacker type myself.;)
  11. Dude if you have a spare hard drive, it's fun to just install ubuntu; it will just work out of the box. You just can't game. But the sooner you give up games, smarter you'll be. I even try to limit myself to the following; no gaming ever, and tv / movies maybe 1-2 hours a week. I'll blog or share knowledge for the times when my brain just can't take hacking anymore, but seriously, you become a better person the sooner you give up gaming. Lots of money in the IT world too man, my friend makes $65 an hour doing security consulting; just because he is a hacker. Man I'm tech savy, still learning my hacking skills, but man you just can't beat a consulting job or the full time jobs make bank compared to others. Best part about learning hacking, it's free. Good luck man.

  12. You have a very odd perception on who I am.:confused:
    Don't stereotype me, I am better than most at almost every aspect of networking, hardware building, using and installing software, and hacking.

    And don't diss gaming. I have a hacked PS3 and PSP, which requires knowledge of how the systems and their file systems work as well as their architecture.

    I'm not pissed, but it does irritate me when people just assume who I am and what I am capable of. Take note of that, it will do you well here in the City.

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