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Dank 614 pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by youth sunday, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. hello GC, long time viewer, first time poster. Just picked up an eighth of what my dude told me was Kush crossed with white widow, figured I would post some pics.
    it tastes and smells very sweet, kind of like a fruity candy. the high is a very nice mental high with a very heavy feeling added to it.


    sorry for the blurriness
  2. mmmm that second pic looks like some sugar coated wild animal that i just wanna eat

  3. Exactly what i first thought about, eating it :)
  4. Trichalicious!!!
  5. I took some better pictures in better light
  6. damn! those trichs are massive. interesting how they didnt really make their way on to those leaves in the 2nd to last pic. nice
  7. nice pickup man. there is a bunch of ohio threads lately. what kind of camera are you using? nice trichomes.
  8. That looks soooooo goooooood
  9. I'm using a Cannon Powershot SD1000, it takes surprisingly good macros
  10. I have an S110, but I've never taken macros with it before. On Saturday I'll probably get a sac and take some pics of it
  11. nice job on the pics. +rep
  12. Dude beautiful nugs :]
    I loveee how much those nugggsss have crystals on theemmm, damnnn
    beautfiul trichomesss

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