Dangers with growing indoors

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  1. Okay so me and my friend are moving out in a few months and are seriously thinking about growing. One problem we have heard about is that there are vans that ride around and use heating seeking devices to see inside the house to see if there is any high amount of heat (which comes from the plants and the lights). If this is true what could you do to prevent them from seeing anything. Any help would be appreciated!!

  2. what state do you live in?.... it takes about 4 months to grow.... buy fans:hello:
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  4. Unless your planning on running multiple 1000w lights...I wouldn't quite worry about heat signatures...anything less won't be that bad..

    I'd worry more about your electricity spiking...but again..you'd need a multi light setup with carbon scrubbers running 24/7 to raise it enough for someone to notice...

    Just pay your electric bill on time and keep the grow hush-hush and out of sight and you'll be fine
  5. OK yeah I live in Georgia and we will be only growing about five plants so it shouldnt be too big of a problem. Thanks for all your help!!
  6. Yup homie if five is all yer growin then yer good to go dont worry bout that heat issue if temps stay in tha 75 -80 degree mark. Fuck da police and never eva eva say bleep to anyone silence is golden.
  7. Yeah man, the fuzz ain't got time to look for someone growing 5 plants... just be security consicous. DON'T TELL ANYBODY!


    See, we really cant stress this enough haha..

    The majority of people that get caught are people that have mentioned it to others...

    Oh btw, dont even tell the people your selling to (if you are) until the product is ready to be sold.

  9. AFAIK police cannot use infrared scanning unless they have a warrant. They can only get a warrant if they're pretty sure you're growing already, and unless you're retarded and growing on your roof or lettin all the stank out, nobody will know unless you tell them. tbone's got it right. kingswisher, it's not the room temperature they look for, they look for the heat signature coming from the bulbs, which is a hell of a lot hotter than 75*
  10. when did the cops get xray vision? there are so many scary stories goin around... if they were using heat vision in everyones house, they would be bustin down my door to confiscate my wood stove:p its about 4 degrees:eek:
  11. Well everything has pretty much been summed up here. Unless you're growing a whole room full of plants using multiple 1000W bulbs, you really don't have anything to worry about. And as you mentioned only growing about 5 plants, just get a 600W bulb, a couple fans, and a carbon scrubber and you'll be fine.
  12. hmm i'm pretty sure my bulb isn't much hotter then 75 degrees but i have a bomb cooling system and no its not a cfl lol but yeah they need a warrant and in most states its illegal now anyways like mine

  13. Not so much illegal but you can use it in court if you can prove they didnt have a warrant to get the case dismissed.

  14. lmao i was only tryin to help lol.... i use cfls and it only reaches 75-80 in my box so i would never have to worry bout that. if u keep everything room temp than ur good. and like i said keep ur mouth shut, if u need to confess then do it here,instead of the streets, the streets have eyes and ears. and even if your selling never say its from u say u got it from someone else unless u really and I MEAN REALLLY TRUST THEM.

  15. Yeah bro dont even worry about 5 plants. If you bump it up to about 50 plants, then start taking these security precautions.
  16. In addition to don't tell anyone...don't do stoopid stuff at your house.
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    I'd put money on the fact that the bulb is >75*, unless it's off :p The bulb simply makes too much heat to be cooled down so much; the stress from the huge temperature difference would shatter the bulb. Even CFLs make >75*

    Go ahead and spray your bulb with some 75* water. If nothing happens, then you're right. When the bulb explodes, you'll know it was nowhere near 75*
  18. Every house has hot spots, at least from time to time. The furnace, the oven, the fireplace, jacuzzi, what if I have a kiln to make pottery, etc. There are way too many legitimate reasons to have hot spots, not enough evidence to rouse suspicion and certainly not enough to get a search warrant approved by a judge.
  19. Read my link on heat detectors.
  20. The hps bulb i have said, running temp is 1100c. I pointed a laser directly at the bulb and it is 1100c

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