Dangers of legalising weed

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  1. Have any of you ever thought about the negative effects of cannabis legalisation?

    The Good:
    - Cheap ass high [POETIC ;D] quality weed.
    - Going to work stoned or even blazing at work, hell yeah.
    - Another public holiday, possibly. Let's hope it doesnt turn out like christmas or valentine's day
    - Hemp toilet paper [FINALLY]

    The Bad:
    - Due to ordinary law abiding citizen's intrest of weed's effects, they will most likely 'expand their minds' thus giving way for an upsurge in demand for couches\lazy boyz and couch customization tools.
    - More retarded conspiracy theories.
    - Due to hemp's quicker growth and greater yield [Compared to trees that make wood], prices for paper, clothing, fuel and various other things hemp can be used for would drop, this could possibly DESTROY THE ECONOMY.

    Im not against legalisation, but I like the way the world works [Im talking about the little things we take for granted, like just going to a pharmacist and being able to buy some RüÜüFiEs, you feeling me?] and I just want to know if any of you think we as humans are ready to change our ways.

    Another thing, I had to put this on it's own, do any of you think that if hemp was used as a fuel, for paper, for clothing or to generate electricity and prices came down drastically due to seemingly infinite resources, could it be possible that all those things become basic human rights??? Like we could get free electricity [That shit is expensive], free fuel and even free bio-degradeable hemp toilet paper. Come on people what do you think??? Could we as humen [Doesn't that make a better plural ;D], change our mindsets? Changes like this could eliminate greed, jealousy would cease to exist if we all were equal [Speaking figuratively, economy would collapse long before any real changes are noticed]. I really want to know where we will be in 50 years, life is so interesting.
  2. Good
    -Hopefully it will take away the 'cool' factor and kids will stop getting high
  3. Can i see your... SOURCES?


  4. My Sources
    but they all be
    looking like horses.

    Just think for yourself, hemp would bring down alot of prices and this might be the weed talking but hemp toilet paper = AWESOME
  5. Typically spelling is the first sign of the dangers of smoking weed. Based off the title to this thread I'll have to cut you off the grass for now.

  6. hemp is already not too expensive man....nothing would really change hahahahahha

  7. You say if hemp was used to manufacture toilet paper then the economy might fail, but hemp paper is much cheaper to make. Anyway, didn't the economy kind of already fail...? Like everyone got shat on by a global recession
  8. If you think about all the uses for hemp and take into consideration that its easy to grow and very affordable, dont you think that if hemp was the main export [it wouldnt even be necessary to export it, thus the economy might collapse]. Hemp is too flexible, I think, thats why hemp/cannabis will not be legalised
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfYJsQAhl0]YouTube - Billy Madison - Ultimate Insult (Academic Decathalon)[/ame]
  10. Uh...no
  11. Why not?

  12. Think about it. All those companies and corporations which have a sway over the economy suddenly being useless and taken over by people smart enough to delve into the hemp business. Also goods going up or down in price which could affect other things which affect others. I think of it like an eco system sort of. There could be a large shift of power and wealth which would be noticeable I would think. But hey this is just my guess.

  13. Exactly man, I woner what would happen if money had no value.

  14. This has happened many many times before.

    Hyperinflation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Aren't hemp items already used widely already. no destroyed economy.

    No offence but you don't seem like much of an economist.
  15. No offence but you don't seem like much of an economist.
    None taken :D

    Aren't hemp items already used widely already. no destroyed economy.

    Where?? Im talking about using it to its utmost limits, depending on it as a renewable energy source, as a source of clothing [Did you know, advances in hemp fibre technology have paved the way for finer textiles, after some refinement some are as fine as silk. Strands can even be woven together to create faux mink fur.] ^[Citation Given]^ :D
    en.wikipedia.org/advances- in-hemp-fibre-technology

  16. Hyper inflation is funny

    Hungary went through the worst inflation ever between the end of 1945 and July 1946. In 1944, the highest denomination was 1,000
    pengő. By the end of 1945, it was 10,000,000 pengő. The highest denomination in mid-1946 was 100,000,000,000,000,000,000
    pengő. A special currency the adópengő - or tax pengő - was created for tax and postal payments [1]. The value of the adópengő
    was adjusted each day, by radio announcement. On 1 January 1946 one adópengő equaled one pengő. By late July, one adópengő
    equaled 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 2x1021 pengő. When the pengő was replaced in August 1946 by the forint, the total
    value of all Hungarian banknotes in circulation amounted to one-thousandth of one US dollar.[20] It is the most severe known
    incident of inflation recorded, peaking at 1.3 x 1016 percent per month (prices double every 15 hours) [21]. The overall impact of
    hyperinflation: On 18 August 1946 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 4 x 1029 (four hundred octillion (short scale))
    pengő became 1 forint.
    One source [2] states that this hyperinflation was purposely started by trained Russian Marxists in order to destroy the Hungarian
    middle and upper classes. The 1946 currency reform changed the currency to the fo
  17. I honestly can see a few issues with weed being legal. Not really with physical health, rather i believe that weed makes a lot of people lazy. Not necessarily in the strictest sense of the word, rather, many people i've known turn to weed as a substitute to their problems or as a form of entertainment. People forget that there is more to do than getting high lol. They're too lazy to fix things or make the effort to do something different so they just get smoke up instead.

    Again i'm not speaking for everyone here, I notice people rage really quickly on GC when anybody contributes a point of view that isn't all 200% positive in weed's name, but when you legalise things you have to take EVERY party into account. Even if only 10% of people were to be lazier on weed, that's still 100,000 people per 1 million.
  18. Are you talking about so called "anti-motivational syndrome"?:confused:

    Granny Stormcrow's most excellent list to the rescue!


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