dangerous jobs?

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  1. Jobs like skyscraper window cleaning, tower climbers that change light bulbs ... Anything really. I need to get some ideas. The more the merrier. Thank guys
  2. Coal miners. Crab fisherman. Coal miners.
  3. Prostitution.
  4. Oil rigs, and construction. Construction of tall skyscrapers and big bridges.
  5. Being a DEA agent, lifes hard.
  6. wild animal related careers
  7. Commercial divers.
  8. I have a friend that works on Radio Towers

    Says he loves the adrenaline...(he climbs to the top of those towers to do his work)
  9. roller coaster construction guy. That seems like it would fun as hell though. Just climbing on the unfinished track and putting pieces together. awesome
  10. Deep sea welding I've heard is insanely dangerous but the payoff you get for each job makes you take the plunge again...

    And whatever you'd call the guys who star in Deadliest Catch as. That looks scary as fuck.
  11. I know this is 2 years old but I found it interesting


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