Dang, I really digged Israel.

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  1. Hey blades. I've got a lot of respect for Israel, mainly stemming from how well they handled their shit during the Six-Day War, and the fact they pretty much have the U.S.'s back when it comes to bullshit over there. Not to mention that they keep their waters under control and try not to let shit go down.

    It's gonna be really shitty when Iran (through Hezbollah) as well as others bombs the shit out of them, probably sometime this summer =/ Not cool. I mean, I'm sure most of you are aware of some of this, but I thought I'd share JIC. I'll sum up what the situation is, and I'd like to hear your guys' opinion.

    . So pretty much, it's been confirmed that Iran is planning a pre-preemptive strike on Israel to offset an Israeli preemptive attack against Iran. =/ Iran probably (not possibly) has the nuke, so right now they're probably just working on attaching it to a Shahab-3.

    Yeah, so just like the Six-Day War, they're getting backed by Russia, who shipped Iran some myserious cargo via submarine (the people unloading the cargo had to wear gas-masks) a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and the Hezbollah have received a bunch of advanced SCUD missiles. So basically, they have between 50 and 60 thousand rockets, placed throughout Lebanon near the border. And they've been digging tunnels underneath the border to Israel (again? lulzamirite)

    The hezbollah has locked down the internet in Lebanon, and anyone who is somehow connected something to an Israeli gets arrested or assassinated. That's why there's been so many deaths over there in the last couple of weeks.

    But I've digressed. The SCUD missiles have a range of some 450 km, which gives them the ability to rain terror in any part of Israel.

    Israel's gonna get their shit bombed with chemical warheads, no doubt. That's why they've been giving their civilians gas masks recently. They know what's up.

    What do you guys think of this quagmire?
  2. do you have a link to this?

    since it's been confirmed and all..
  3. I took middle eastern history in high school for half of the year and I can say is that Isreal is more or less pissing off non jews off in Isreal. I remember to enter jerusalem I think and maybe even other places people who were not jewish would have to wait hours and be insulted by Isrealis. Also with the Isreal expanding its borders(i cant remember what its called/or when it happened but it was recent...i just woke up) that is definitely pissing people off. Now I am not saying these are reasons for going to war againt Isreal, but your also painting Isreal a innocent picture here. In my honest opinion I think Isreal has been pretty far with its share of crap and everytime they get into some trouble they always beg the US for help. Hopefully this situation can be diffused but the tensions between Isreal and it's neighbors have been building up for a while.
  4. Dude you should totally write the newest action movies for hollywood. I would totally pay to see this flick!!!!
  5. Now come on guys. Fantasizing about future war scenarios is fun.
  6. :rolleyes:

    Israel Issues Gas Masks
    Israel Issues Gas Masks To Babies

    SCUD Missiles shipped to Hezbollah

    U.S. Senator Agrees: Hezbollah has SCUDs

    Underground Tunnels

    The tunnels are approximately south of Naqoura, Lebanon. (lol, good luck finding them on mapquest though.)

    Get a history book (obviously one that deals with the Middle East) if you want to see how the IRG has close ties with the Hezbollah.

    EDIT: IRG = Iranian Revolutionary Guard

    Internet Locked Down + Assassinations

    Hezbollah Not Shitty With Computers

    lol sorry, what's that? I can't hear your elitist banter anymore...:p
  7. Like the US hasn't lied about intelligence to start wars before? :rolleyes:
  8. Who is history written by?
  9. man.. i hope that Iran Revolutionary Guard isn't as tough as the Iraqi Republican Guard that the media and the bush regime warned us about.:rolleyes:


    didn't they hand out gas masks during the 1st gulf war as well? Were they even necessary?
  10. Yeah me too:smoke:

    And just because they weren't necessary in the 1st gulf war doesn't mean they won't be necessary now. If you'd thought about that sentence for a second, you would have realized that :p
  11. Good thing I dont live in Israel. :D
  12. HAHA. Wow. Alright, since knowledge is fickle we can't trust any sources? Lol. I can understand skepticism of shady sources, but now you guys are just trying to hit my argument at a philosophical point. Which instantly makes any and all arguments null and void because any and all sources could be written/told by a liar. :/
    ^Also, don't reply to this part, it's too off-topic.
  13. Perhabs, they are building a nuclear fusion. Are the gov trying avoid the inveitable of nuclear power plant?

  14. Dude, you have to stop talking so condescendingly to people because it is actually you who look like the stupid one here (and clearly know nothing of what you're talking about).

    First of all, that deal between Turkey and Brazil and Iran is not how you guys are making it out to be. The uranium they are going to be receiving is going to be refined such that it can only be used for medical purposes, and it is going to be watched over by representatives of the UN, Turkey, and Iran (maybe Brazil too but thats really semantics). They won't be able to use this uranium for the purposes you're implying. This deal is actually a pretty good thing, because Turkey and Brazil effectively satiated Iran while making sure that the uranium cannot be used for nefarious purposes.

    Second, Iran DOESN'T have the nuke. Why are you saying that? We all know for a fact they don't, that's why they've been bitching so much. What the hell?

    The bit about Syria is just...off. Israel isn't even planning to attack Syria.

    And Lynchings, denying that the US has lied about intelligence or has had wrong intelligence? ....Iraq, you fool?
  15. K. Because, you know... I'm the only one on GC that talks condescendingly :confused: Did you not see AugustWest and Aaronman's earlier posts or something?

    Cool. Not sure how this is really that applicable to this argument, since I only speculated very briefly the Iran probably has the nuke. I never even really suggested they would use it, I'm more concerned with chemical-equipped SCUDS and dirty-bombs (you know, the shit they actually would use).

    Oops. Spoke too soon. Alright lol, Iran doesn't have nuke then.

    Actually, you're off. I never said anything about Israel attacking Syria :confused:

    Also, there is a big difference between lying about intelligence and having wrong intelligence. The United States, The United Kingdom, and Russia all had wrong intelligence saying there were WMD's in Iraq (I'm assuming that's what you're talking about, right?). They didn't lie. They were mistaken. They were wrong. Big difference.
    ^But don't bother replying to that, because that's off-topic as well.

  16. Yeah, but everything you're saying is purely speculative and anyone who ever took a class in Middle Eastern politics knows how off you are.

    Because a nuke is a big thing to say a country possesses, especially when you are making claims that an attack is imminent. It also shows that you don't know anything about what you're talking about because the international community is quite aware that Iran doesn't have nuclear capabilities because it bitches about getting them all the time and then secured this deal with Turkey and Brazil. It shows the gaps in your knowledge, which is important when your whole post is speculation.

    Aaronman did. Not responding to just you.

    Not really. We had the right intelligence. The UN representatives that made multiple checks with Iraq to see if they had WMDs said 'No, they don't have it, don't do anything' (this is all open to you to read about). We chose to ignore them. My point is the US isn't infallible in it's intelligence and it has lied before to advance agendas, so you can't trust everything and have to use a degree of skepticism when you read things.
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    lol, okay. Thanks for tell me that my thread about how I'm fairly sure shit is going to go down sometime THIS SUMMER (as in, it hasn't happened yet) is speculative. Are you a detective or something? :p lol

    Okay, since you apparently took a Middle Eastern politics class, please inform me how I'm wrong. I mean, you know, considering Israel is smack dab in the middle of a bunch of countries that hate it's guts and already tried to pull this shit. Or the fact that Lebanon still holds Israel responsible for the assassination their former Prime Minister in 2005.

    No really though, enlighten me as to how your politics class taught that Israel, Iran, Lebanon, etc are actually secret best friends:hello: and would never want to start a war with each other :D:D

    You're right. A nuke is a big thing to possess. Haha, call me ignorant then, I still think they have it. But then again, I never took a "Middle Eastern Politics" class like you did, sorry. I'm also not that worried about it, because a nuke would be the stupidest thing in the world to use, and even piece of shit terrorist countries like Iran would know how much they would get their shit fucked up.

    Oh, okay. I just thought you were responding to me since... you quoted me. And you were responding to me right before that remark. And right after. And you never made any transition to signify you were referring to Aaronman's post (which was obviously not a serious post). My bad.

    P.S. Nice save

    P.P.S. NOT

    P.P.P.S. Also, I'd like to take this time to say that since this is indeed speculation, I don't actually know that it's going to go down this summer. For all I know, it could go down in the fall, or in the year 2033.
  18. I, too, love Israel.

    The history and philosophy to come out of the people is my favorite. I don't care much for their mythological spin offs, but I can't hold that against them I guess.

    Their is something about a people who collectively say "Fuck with one of us and we'll hit you and your family back ten times harder" that makes me warm and fuzzy. I wish America had an ounce of that passion/fury, we'd accomplish some awesome things.

    Iran concerns me, I was especially upset during the last election campaign and was very happy to see the green revolution that was taking place, unfortunately they received no support and aside from small groups of people offering their PCs as proxies media was mostly blocked out.

    I don't believe Israel will be nuked. I don't believe Iran has the capability yet. I also don't believe Russia would send Iran nuclear bombs. Regardless of their intentions, giving Iran that capability is almost as big a risk to you as it is to anyone else so . . .

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