Dance Moms?

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  1. Before you all jump down my throat, hear me out...

    I always laugh at all of those drama-based "reality" TV shows; anyways, my girlfriend watches all of these spice network-type shows with the reality wedding competition shows, the angry gay flipped out dude who, well, flips houses - etc. etc.

    So, I get stoned the other night, first time in a while, and it must have been some sativa-dominant strain because I was pretty hopped up and a bit paranoid, too, as if I had drank 6 coffees in 5 minutes.

    The show comes on, and I start cracking up because I realize something; the women (the mothers on the show) are mostly, what I would consider, pretty bad parents. I mean, you'd think the average person would be too embarrassed to have all of their dirty shit-stained laundry out there in the public view.

    It's so fucked up, it's hilarious. You have this seriously obese lady who is the coach (Abby-lee Millar or whatever), and all she does is yell at the kids to stop fucking up while dancing, and then the mothers get pissed off and start arguing with her, and then somehow, inevitably, it turns into the mothers turning on each other. It's like a mutiny every episode, and it's so pathetic that you cannot help but laugh at the sheer stupidity. I could honestly see some British dude narrate the show as if it were some learning channel, animal-behavior in the wild documentary type deal.

    I should probably check out that honey boo boo bullshit next time I get baked.

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