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  1. I didn't mean to have them all grow in the same pot. I wasn't expecting anything to grow, I didn't germinate any of the seeds and I bought a bag of miracle grow potting mix. I'm waiting to see if they bud.

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  2. Hopefully you get some big buds
  3. Transplant them into seperate cups and fill them all the way to the top. Careful with MG soils, it normally contains slow release ferts that like to fry seedlings!
  4. Don't know how
  5. dont know how to what?
  6. Transplant plus I got shaky hands
  7. then they are doomed. You have to transplant them multiple times in order for them to grow to full size.. Just dip them up carefully around the base, and put them into solo cups full of soil. Some might die, some might not. Only way to learn is to dive in there and try it.
  8. Why can't they stay in the same pot
  9. because there isnt enough room for them, and if u wait too long, u will not be able to seperate the roots from the plants.
  10. u want to allow the plants to have enough room to be able to grow. not just mj, but with any plant. You never see corn planted 20 seeds in a hole.
    When the plants are all planted together, as they grow, the roots will all intertwine. As they mature, they plants will all fight for sunlight, some plants will cover the other plants with their leaves and that will make some plants grow well, and others not grow at all. You need to seperate them now, before the roots become rat nested together and your not able to seperate them without damaging the plants. 
    You will also not be able to finish your plants in that pot as it is wayy to small. U need at minimum 5 gallons per plant for any kind of yeild outdoors. And even at that, 5gallons is small. Check richard deans outdoor grow, he uses 200gallon smart pots and maybe even 400gal? And that is for only 1 plant.
  11. Can I leave one in

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