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  1. Hey guys! I'm posting for my boyfriend whose totally new at this so please don't be too harsh :)

    Anyways, his plant is really young still and was doing well up until today when I came home from work and noticed it had toppled over. He's still at work which is why I'm posting as I want to try and save it if theres anything at all that can be done.

    So I did some examining and I noticed a spot near the soil where the stem has become very weak causing the plant to topple over and the only thing I could find was something called damping off, which there doesn't seem to be a cure for. My question for those of you who know your plants is;

    - is this a case of damping off and if so is there anything that can be done?

    I don't know anything about growing plants and he's very new to it as well. Is it possible to cut it above the damaged part and replant it or is it a total goner? Here are some pics of it. The leaves are still very green and healthy looking as is most of the stem, it's just near the base that the stem is soft and causing the issue.

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  2. My thoughts are over watered and sat in damp soil for to long and sorry to say moulded stem by the damp soil.. can try to not water till soil Dry and use something to support it up right like a tooth pick, looks abit too late but hope it fixs up for u guys
  3. Thank you! I've used some soil to prop it up so it's standing. The roots don't appear to be rotting it's just the one spot on the stem, but I'm not sure if that's normal or not. I've read a number of people have used cinnamon with some success, is this something you'd reccomend? And if so would I just sprinkle a bit on top of the soil? That is the plant now that I've got it upright again. Sorry for all the dumb newbie questions, he was just really excited about this plant and I don't want it to die on him.

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  4. That looks a lot better.. maybe put something there for extra support. I wouldn't give anything but water at that age of plant it's too young. let the roots look for water and it will gain more stababilty. How often do u water it?
  5. I'm not really sure how often he waters it but I will ask him once he's home. What would you reccomend at this age? He's been getting tips from a friend of ours that grows but if it's already getting sick I can't imagine hes getting the right info. To be honest I don't know anything about how hes been growing it I only know about the damping off because I panicked when I saw it and did a Google search. Initially I thought maybe the stem had snapped somehow but it seems intact just very soft in that one spot. I moved the soil a bit when I stood it back up to check the roots and they dont seem to be rotting and theres no fuzz on anything, the stems just gone soft in that one spot. I won't add anything to it and thank you so much for the info. I'm hoping it pulls through.

    My last question would be how long until we know if it will make it? Will it be dead by tomorrow if it's a goner or does it take a few days to die?Just don't want to have hope if it's okay for a day or two only for it to die. Again, sorry for all the questions I just have no experience with any of this lol.
  6. That seedling will not recover, the thing has rotted and burying it wont do much to bring it back either. Let him know & plant another one:)
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  7. Looks too far gone, you could bury it up too the feeders see if it takes off
  8. At this size is it possible to cut it above the rot and replant it or is it too young for new roots to grow?

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