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Damp weed help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Golde, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. #1 Golde, Jan 25, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 25, 2014
    6 days ago i bought an eighth, i stored it in a rubber sealed mason jar. a few days later i decide to throw in an orange peel about that is about 2 in by 1 in. i come to it today and its soggy. I have looked around this site and others for info but nothing i can see has answered my questions. what should i do?

    I'm kind of drunk right now, but the logical thing to do would be to let it dry out. Me thinks you left the peel in a tad too long.
  3. orange peels contain way too much moisture for that..better check for mold
  4. Ok what are the signs of moldiing? the weed looks the same as when i got it and i dont see any molding in the jar.
    You would most likely be able to see spots..and it might have a funky smell.
    Spread the weed out on a paper towel, and leave it out overnight. In the morning, it should be dry enough. Put back in jar and never use an orange peel again. A small piece of bread is what I used on over-dry weed before I started buying humidipaks.
  6. .......................................why the fuck would you put an orange peel in the same jar as your weed
    I was told it was a means of keeping weed fresh as well ass adding a nice scent and flavor. I feel stupid now because i potentially wasted an eighth.
  8. You should do it, it helps. But you leave it a night.

    More than that is letting the peel rot and create a fuckfull enviroment in your jar.

    Moisture and lack of oxygen is the cocktail for mold so you gotta be carefulwith that shit.

    Hope your 8 this still god man! Let it dry
    The orange peel thing is common..I've heard it before too. It is a great way to ruin a jar of weed..mold will thrive in a moist jar.
  10. Just take the buds and air them out for a few hours.......
  11. Damn, I swear! Any grower worth a shit who cares for the stuff from seed to harvest will have dried it to a point its not going to poof and burn up or be wet. You probably had perfectly smokeable weed than went fucking with it when you did not need to.
    How can it not be fresh when sealed in a jar?
  12. Your right man. i Just hope i can come to it in a few hours and it be guci
    It cant be that wet if you put a peal in, I hope you did not put a whole wedge in. LOL
  14. Nah just a peel. I placed it all in a paper bagabout 30 min ago, just felt it and most of the nuggs are a lot dryer than they were before.
    Any thing i should do to make sure the jar is good to go.
    If its clean and dry you are good to go.
    At Christmas time I jarred 1/2 oz for my step daughter, it was moist bud at like 200F in the oven and let it cool and vacuumed sealed it and it kept for 10 days and no mold and was fine. Smelled great when she opened the jar.
    I keep a few full jars around my place so its good.
  16. the inside of the jar feels humid and is slightly warmer than my room

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