Damnit! Gorilla zoe was just at my work!

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  1. So I work at a jewelry repair shop in MN at times when people have shows in town etc they stop in to get jewelry fixed. So today a group came in to have a huge chain fixed, I haven't heard gorilla for a lil bit so thought nothing of it until they left when I then realized it was in fact gorilla Zoe right in my store and I was too late to get a pic or autograph!! I did however take a pic of me wearing his chain, and of the chain lol so I guess that's cool but still!!!!
  2. That's pretty dope.
  3. That's badass man. For real, that's some cool shit.
  4. Ya it was def cool just wish I wasn't a high ass and realized it was him sooner. Pics of said chain:

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  5. That's what's up man.
  6. Don't know who that is but that's still pretty awesome man.
  7. Yeah I don't know who that.is either , but he does have to come back for that chain though
  8. Hell yeah MN represent, I think he gave the chain back and realized after..

    Should clue us in on who he/she is.
  9. He's a famous rapper.

    Paper, Hood *****, and lost ft. Lil Wayne

    Some of his songs. The more popular ones at least.

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