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Damnit All!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by potheadnpothole, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. Damnit to hell man. Listen to this crap. Me and my girlie go out for a lil fun right? Smoke a lil pot...go knwo the usual. Well tonight me and her was smoking some...going on with the same routine...but when all of the sudden down a backroad of "glorious sex" came her brother chashing my ass. I pulled over to see who the hell this idiot thought he was. Well that motherfucker pulled up to me..shined a flashlight in my face like a dick. He started calling my girlfriend a whore. Physically pulled her from my truck...that was enough Well as soon as i fiquired out it was him i slowly opened the car door. Usually when im not aggressive..but this time somethun snapped inside of me. I let into his ass like a pack of wolves on a 3-legged cat. I beat the living shit out of him. I mean that fucker aint got nothing better to do than harrass us?? I Mean what would you have done?? (sober or stoned).

  2. I woulda beat the fuck outta that nicca sober or stoned. He put his nose in your business and deserved everything u gave him....gj son
  3. Heck naah...i aint one to beat on a woman. Theres only a couple things my hand does to a woman...and hitting her isnt one of them. Anyways the morning after this incident (sober) i do believe i also did the right thing. latta

  4. I'm almost always looking for another way to deal with problems outside of physical violence.

    But in this situation it seems he started that aspect of it by trying to force his sister out of the vehicle. I believe you'd be totally supported as her protector if he even tried to press charges.

    And I think you did "a" right thing.

    (Wolves on a 3 legged cat? lol!)
  5. YUP!! sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta fuckin' do!!! That's why they make dem cans of WHOOPASS!! :smoke:
  6. whheww..great...THe best thing to do in that situation you did..great job..seeing as how me and my mother were beatin my my step father..I have no respect for anyone that hits or abuses woman..right on!
  7. Sorry to hear about all that. You did the right thing. on a more humorous note- sorry to hear it ended your glorious sexual moment. Better luck next time

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