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  1. She did the hanging herself by linking to her homepage with her birthdate, and listing her birthdate publicly here.

    Her birthdate is right there on her public profile. And according to that, she's only 14. So sad :( Kids today.
  2. its REALLY sad when kids cant even figure out how to at least cheat the system. its not hard to lie. pretty funny she wasnt banned earlier...
  3. wow.... i loved the maturity at the end where she said go ahead and ban me i dont give a fuck anymore or some shit like that..

    i was thinking that came from a person younger than 16...

    fine investigation team! :hello:
  4. It's even worse that 14 year old girls are out there drinking themselves stupid and fucking guys at parties.

  5. I like to assume people are telling the truth when they join here, so I don't usually go checking people's public profiles. I usually only ban minors when they flat-out admit it on the boards, or I just happen to check their profile when I PM them for something.

    Plus, it's just impossible to look at everyone's public profile to check up on them. Yikes! I certainly don't have time for that! [​IMG]
  6. haha thats fucked up..

  7. damn another one bites the dust....?

    your on fire! :p
  8. good riddens to her. 14 year olds shouldnt be considered stoners, I also dont think the forum is a good place for her little "i need reassurance" act.

    blaze on...
  9. yeah kids shouldnt be stoners...I started at about 17, which was a pretty good age because i had done more research on drugs and alcohol through the internet...im tryin to keep my brother off of drugs till hes atleast 16...
  10. its stupid though that she keeps on doing it if she knows the consequences...
  11. You guys are right too if she cant even learn to cheat the system she deserves to be banned plus at such a young age...
  12. Maturity is not a number, anyone can be a stoner if they're chill about it and aren't immature about the shit.

    Maturity of stonerism:

    knowing when it's too much
    being responsible for your actions- no "hey I was stoned" bullshit.
    keeping yourself and fellow stoners out of trouble.

    I empasize the second point for any kind of intoxication.
  13. I have a question, why is this thread even open??? The original poster was banned...and it is now totally pointless.
  14. for deep discussion and the pondering of amazing things.
  15. Still seems pointless.
  16. then dont keep posting, lol

    blaze on...
  17. yeah what the fuck........ please her gallery is fucking disgusting - it's obvious she's 14 years old... in panties wtf....

  18. ya i was just about to say that, what the fuck?
  19. i am so glad i found the post where this fuckwit got banned. yesssssssssss.

  20. lol
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