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  1. Well I feel like someone beat the living shit out of me last night... i have like 4 big knots on my head.. i have bruses all over me.. and my nose was bleeding last night.. theres blood all over my pillow... i called my friend rob to see what happened.. he said i had like 9 shots of captain morgan.. and then i smoked like 4 bowls of dank nugs in all.. and he said i kept blackin out.. and hitting my head on the tv..(everything in his room is on the floor) and he said i fell on the computer and spilt liquor.. then he said i fucked my ex boyfriend.. rob is so pissed at me.. he told me not to call him anymore.. but i dont even remember this.. how can he be pissed at me for something i did when i was drunk? i dont know how to fix this...
  2. Wake up in the morning
    Clock says half past one
    I have no sunglasses as I step into the sun

    There's no recollection
    Of the evil things I've done
    Head feels like I must have had some fun

    what happened?
  3. Real smart.
  4. well geeze you dont have to throw stones at me about it.. in my sober mind im sure i wouldnt have done it..
  5. Well, when you're drunk your real emotions come out. If you went along and fucked your ex then your responsible for it. It only makes sense he would dump you. I'd do the same to my gf. Maybe making out with someone while drunk, but fucking is a whole different matter. It's probly not wise to get drunk to the point your smashing your head on the TV. Lightweight girls get taken advantage of that way. What I meant to say was show some restraint..
  6. you always go to parties and do shit like this. second thread i've read about you passing out and waking up feeling bad. actions have consequences; grow up.
  7. Yes I know but.. why is it always the girl that gets blamed for this stuff? im sure im not the one that started it.. plus.. i dont have a boyfriend.. max has a gf.. he should get it worse then me.. rob is just pissed because he tried the same thing with me last night and got denied.. they both had gfs.. of course i still have feelings for max.. he took my virginity.. im sure that when he started kissing me.. my knees got weak.. it was too good to pull away..
  8. That really sucks. It happens to all of us eventually, (at least those of us who drink) and whoever says differently is probably lying. There have been several times when I've had to ask my friends how the hell I got home. But this isn't about me.

    My best advice would be to apologize sincerely (because it seems you are) and promise your friend that you'll drink responsibly from now on. If he refuses both, then I guess you've burnt a bridge.
  9. i have no clue who the hell you're talking with but i could give a shit about your high school friends and all the drama. i'm not blaming anyone for anything. i'd call rob a piece of shit if he was here posting but he's not so i can't, can i. my point is i don't want to read anymore beckrp888 went to a high school party and can't sort through her crush romances and drunken mishaps.
  10. What a load of smelley brown shiznit. Every guy on GC could succesfully contest this.
  11. that's the eternal difference between males and females. some fights you just can't win. it's that way with girlfriends and boyfriends, wives and husbands. there's just this wall that gets put up sometimes when both think they are right. in this case though, rob (whoever the fuck that is) is just a baby who needs to stop obsessing over one girl. and this girl needs to stop being a naive party slut who inevitably wakes up confused each time.
  12. Becca that sucks hardcore..
    I've done some pretty stupid shit when im drunk..
    Do you remember posting on here last night? cause you did hah
    allow me to quote

    But um... yeah u gotta learn to control your drinking cause you are reminding me a lot of my ex girlfriend who would drink a lot, then become the biggest slut, and blame it on alcohol. No one likes girls like this except for desperate guys that cant get a girl any other way. Im not calling you a slut im just saying maybe you should reconsider drinking so much. I know girls that have had to quit drinking just because of how they get when they drink.

    as far as whoever wont talk to you.. just be straight up with him and tell him you really dont know why you did what you did and that you regret it. everyone makes mistakes
  13. Hey! the last time i just posted cuz i got left at a party.. this shit doesnt happen to me all the time.. ive had sex with one person.. but since we broke up.. we hadnt done anything.. we just happened to hook up last night.. but thanks i guess im just a slut now.. sorry for inconveniencing you or whatever i was just venting.. i had to tell someone how i felt.. i thought maybe someone would care.. if u dont like it.. u dont have to read it.. this wasnt even a party.. it was friends hangin out like we always do.. at robs house.. i thought they would take care of me.. but obviously i trust people too easily
  14. Lets get to the deeper issue here Beckey, May I call you Beckey? Is it possible you cannot admit when you've made a mistake. It's always somebody elses problem?
  15. No one's calling you a slut. [except for sirseedy i guess]. We are saying that you simply gotta realize that you made a mistake and you should ask for forgiveness
  16. Lmfao..:smoking: :smoking: I'm so high right now. That was my best doctor impression.
  17. hahaha hotsauce, i gotta say that was hilarious.. I had a feeling you were really stoned when you wrote that ...
  18. Wake n Bake :D
  19. I know i made a mistake.. thats what i am saying.. i have apologized to rob.. the thing is.. hes like "its not cuttin it".. i have no reason that i should apologize to him anyway.. rob was there all through me and max's relationship.. me and rob have never done anything together.. never went out or anything.. like i said.. hes just mad cuz it wasnt him that got some..

  20. Now your really sounding like my ex-gf
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