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  1. SHIT!! Is disobeying a cop crime? I skipped school all day and the school cop saw me and told me to go to he office. but I went home instead. And she knows my name! This is the second time I've been cought skipping by this cop. Goddamn.
  2. I don't think that specific thing is a punishable offence, but truancy is!

    I don't think you are going to have to worry about disobeying on this occasion, but I'm certainly no legal expert.

    You are in trouble is the officer knows your name and he/she has caught you again.

    tsk tsk!

    That also depends on which office he was referring to. The school office or the police office?

    In either case, if a judge hears that you disobeyed the officer then your sentence might be more severe. So in that sense you're probably going to get it for not listening.

    And for not going to school.

    I know school sucks, and there's nothing that I can say that is going to make you like it. Nor will I be able to help you understand that it'll all be over quickly, and you'll be happy that you went when you finish.

    My band teacher told me that I was the worst case of senioritis that he'd ever seen. That's the only year I almost blew it. Chances are if you have a cop breathing down your neck you are not a senior yet, but hang in there, bud.

    It will be over soon. The last day of high school was the best day ever. I never thought I'd ever ever hear myself say this, and it really scares me that I'm going to.....

    I actually miss it.

    Lecture over! :eek:

    Just don’t get caught with dope. Holy shit you don’t know how easy it is now until you do. Be smart and keep a clean record. It does come back to haunt you if you don’t.

    OK, now the lecture really is over.
  3. Hey man, don't worry about it. The only thing that will happen to you is something foe not going to school. The school cop isn't going to say a word and if he does he'll ask why you didn't go and then give you a lecture. so in the end don't worry about it~
  4. The worst that you'll probably get is like a detention or a short suspension, I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. a friend of mine was sent to boot camp because he got caught by a cop and he was charged with truancy

  6. twice have i learned that
  7. whoa...aeroblurgs back...wb

    and dont worry about skippin...cops cant do shizznit....if they get in your face tell them u have no class...and if they dont believe u tell them to check the office(dont go with them)....meanwhile you're headin home :D
  8. can the cop search you saying that you were skipping school to smoke?
  9. I got a great idea for you....go to school ;)

  10. I got four days of inschool. It was worth it.
  11. the dudes at school arent "cops" there $7 dollar and hour rent-a-cops. Dont be afraid of them at my school theres daily fist fights with them..the most that happens is detention or your parents get a letter.
  12. at my school we got one real cop and about 10 rent a cops one of them got knocked out by some kid and was gone for 2 months

  13. i wouldnt wanna find out, so u prob shouldn't.

    and the cops at my school are real cops from the precent...but i dont think they carry guns...so it's basicly like having a rent-a-cop security guard or summin
  14. We got both real cops and rent a cops. I ran from a real cop. *So proud* :D
  15. yeah yeah..sometimes ya gotta keep it gangsta "F--K Da Police!"

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