Damn Wheat Thin!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Little Wing, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. I was just munching out on some stoned wheat thins when one managed to get perfectly vertical in my mouth. When I bit down it painfully stabbed the roof of my mouth!! It is remarkable how much pain a fucking wheat thin can cause!!!
  2. Omg i feel your pain dude.. this happens to me all the damn time with chips and stuff.. but yeah it hurts like a bitch..and theres absaloutley nothing you can do about it... except not eat wheat thins i guess?
  3. Little Wing... SUE!!! haha It is clear that said wheat thin has caused mental duress. ;)
  4. I think you mean DIStress. :rolleyes:

    But yeah, sue those basterds! Then, when you win multi-millions of dollars, go buy a lot of bud, and some more wheat things, and have a ball!

  5. haha I mean duress. I mean we have no idea how many people Little Wing had to kill after such a painful event. :laughing: Damn you Wheat Thins!
  6. LOL. haha, for some reason I just started cracking up and having a laughing fit when I read that. :wave:

  7. :wave: Because it's fun to laugh! I love it! I'm sure when but if we ever share a bowl there will be plenty of laughing going around! :)
  8. haha this happend to me with a hella sharp dorito chip once :rolleyes:
  9. That happens to me with Cap'n Crunch all the time. Can't eat that cereal anymore cus it scratches up the roof of my mouth so damn bad!!

  10. dude Little Wing, but you have to admit, well at least i do this, you intentionally try to get that wheat thin in that perfect vertical position, then you think youre so wise and bite down, and OUCH!QQQ!!!! muthafucka that hurt!!!!!!:D
  11. Haha, in retrospect it was a really funny event. But yeah, that hurt for a couple days!

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