damn these sweaty hands of mine.

Discussion in 'General' started by xtiffany, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. i wanna roll a blunt but my hands are sweaty.

    my hands always get sweaty for some reason. even when im not nervous cuz thats when i get sweaty hands, when im nervous.

    maybe my hands are sweaty cuz im excited to smoke the blunt i roll, but then how can i roll a blunt if my hands are fucking sweaty.

    damnit. :mad:

    but atleast i have hands, so im good. ill wait it out. :)
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  2. damn them. damn them all to hell.

    towels, hair dryers, waving your hands, or using your dog's back....don't work?
  3. roll deodorant on them
  4. You are now an assistant pimp.
  5. Stick your hands in the freezer for a little bit.

    Then do the hand jive

  6. yeahh, but then they get sweaty again, which is a good and bad thing.
  7. i guess ill use my bong for now.
  8. That sounds dangerous.
  9. really? damn. Usually the Dog's back method is pure gold. Whenever I have a sweaty hand problem this seems to be the quickest, easiest way to solve it. Of course when I go to light my pipe or blunt or whatever I smoke, I get a huge musky whiff of wet dog smell from my hands....:confused_2: Oh well.

    I think locnar had a good idea with the hand jive thing. I dunno wtf it is, but it sounds badass and would likely work no matter what.
  10. Agreed. Sweaty hands + bong + hard surface = recipe for disaster.

    Unless it's acrylic, in that case go nuts! :smoke:
  11. latex gloves?
  12. my hands are not that sweaty. it just feels moist.

    i cant roll a blunt with gloves. cuz the gloves does not encase my hands fully cuz i have small hands, so itll make it more difficult for me to roll a blunt.
  13. And here you reminded me that I lost mine in war...........Im lying.

    Anyway's, sweaty hands are signs of wanting Foxracing500r, give into your needs, and your dreams will be fulfilled, man

    Try using Talcum powder to dry those wet hands out, that, or buy a roller.
  14. rub corn starch between your hands. I use it at work on my entire groin area and so do most cooks. It may leave a white powdery coating but it does the trick better than baby powder.

    If you constantly sweat like this though, have your pediatrician refer you to a specialist, maybe an endocrinologist and it could turn out to be a fixable problem.

  15. Im sure she isnt 5
  16. there are many pediatricians that see people their entire young lives(birth-25ish)
  17. What kind of restaurant do you work at :confused:
  18. Very true, but who does that anymore? Especially woman. Most woman when they hit 17 or so, go to their moms doc, who is a Family doctor.

    I left mine at age 15.
  19. okay, i rolled it. imma smoke it later tonight when i watch Dance Flick. :)
  20. My forehead is almost always sweating, it's pretty shitty, like if it's just the least bit warm, or if i move around a lil (not vigorous activity)

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