Damn the good luck!

Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, May 20, 2004.

  1. Ok, So I've been without bass in my car because I can't find a working amp. Well I've been saving for one, found one, a JBL 1200 watt, for $300. DAMN good deal. And I was also saving for two Kicker vr comp 15''. Right now I have a kicker 12'', but no amp, so I was going to buy the amp, sell my speaker, and get the 15's asap. So today I got my check back from my taxes, pocketed $300. Then I asked my dad if I could withdraw money from my savings, I have a good bit of money in there, scattered across the place, banks, stocks, etc. I asked him what I wanted for the money for, and rounding up, I could get the amp, and speakers for $600. He said, ok, I'll put the money in your checking account. :eek: :eek: So I'm getting the amp and speakers SOON, and I don't have to waste my $300 :D My life just got better :D
  2. i feel your pain. one day i drove down to the city beatin the shit outta my radio like always and i turned it down and paused it cause i got a call.. soooo i go back to play. annnnd... my amp isn't workin. the fuses on the amp were blown .. ! i check it with some other fuses, and they all go boom. sooo, i'm waiting on my dad to open it up and take a look..
    got 2 rockford fosgate 12" punch hx2s, i only had one hooked up though. (can't get the other in there til i get a capacitor, the lights already dim) the amp is an orion 900.2 xtreme. man i hope it's something real simple wrong with it... i'ma cry if it's a paperweight now lol. oh well, i've been wantin a new rockford amp anyway.
  3. it is shitty at the moment, but I'm still happy. :D

    But these 15's.. wooow. My brother has two witha JL Audio 500 watt comp. amp pushing them. All 500 watts going to them, you have to have ear plugs, seriously. But these speakers can handle up to 1000 watts ;) So about 600 watts to each is going to BLOW someone brain out. Not really. I was thinking about getting three of them about a two weeks ago.. but thats a little waste of money, but three of them.. hehe. I'll stick to two for now :)
  4. Just ordered the speakers and amp, $541 all together. I cannot fucking wait. the box is going to be so much of a pain in the ass to build though.. wish me luck :D

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