Damn spiders

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  1.             So i was just chilling in my bed this morning thinking about shit. I was zoned out because I realized I might have said "you bastard" in my half-sleep when my rommate came into the room early in the morning. Anyway, I was looking at the ceiling and I noticed a big red spot. I thought that it was weird, but then it appeard to be moving a little bit. So I kept my cool and just decided to pretend like it wasn't there. Next thing I know that thing is descending toward my head at like a hundred miles an hour. I rolled out of the bed and played it off like I was going to get up anyway.
                Well guys I have no idea what to do now. There is likely I giant red spider on my fuckin bed, but I will eventually have to go to sleep in that bitch. Any suggestions?

  2. You should of swatted it out of the air like a ninja. But yeah, dont sleep tonight.
    On a side note, I found a spider yesterday in one of my bath towels.
  3. capture it, red spiders are uncommon
  4. lol I was super baked the other night and remembered I needed to repot. All of the pots were stacked outside from last summer and the lighting is terrible where cleaned them. Needless to say, I found where they all hide. Thought I had something crawling in my clothes all night haha.
  5. Wash the sheets or something
  6. Roll around back and forth a few times. Can't be too safe.

    By the way, that kinda sounds like a black widow... Which is kinda a really bad thing to have in your bed

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    thanks guys. i feel much better now 
  9. Hey I told you how to get rid of it!

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  10. Spiders are cool.  I mean i'll smash one given the chance but in the animal world they are cool.

  11. Rearranged for 80's Will Smith rap
  12. Honestly, you should probably just burn the whole house down at this point. 
  13. I hope this helps:
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    dang it im getting tired and horny. I need some suggestions people. I'm going out to the 7/11 for some chicken, and when I come back I better see some good advice
  15. Twice.
  17. also.....I suggest you have sex with the spider if you are still needing advice. boom, two birds, one spider....i mean stone.
  18. Hotbox your room and leave a chicken wing in the middle of the room and wait....
    Try masturbating.
    It's very popular and a pretty good cure-all for nearly everything, although I'll admit I've never tried it for arachnophobia.
  20. Seriously though, man up and sleep in your bed. Spiders hardly ever bite, if one should be in your bed odds are you'll crush it before it even comes close to you. If you can't muster the courage I'd suggest vacuuming the entire room, start from the top and work your way down, flip the mattress, keep your eyes open, use lots of light, clean everything thoroughly etc.

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