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Damn sobers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kanye, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. second thread today i know my bad, but wtf do i do...this is so annoying

    what do u usually do when u turn up to a party, and all the sobers who think weed is the woorste thing in the world, know ur high, and look at u like ur an alien or be real cautious of u because they think ur gonna flip out or soemthing.

    what should i do? probs sounds dumb, but it really annoys me
  2. tell them to eat a dick

    your high, not about to rob the place

  3. Dude I know the exact feeling. I get it a lot. I usually just get pissed or laugh at their ignorance, but either way I ditch that scene! :smoke:
  4. Do those people still exist?...uh, fuck em. i dunno.

  5. Ha ha, yea. They don't have people like that where you live?
  6. There are people that don't smoke here, but there's hardly any people that are anti-weed.
  7. #7 Xanxibar, Feb 23, 2009
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    Do you really live in Oregon? Me and my buddy where discussing this the other day. How different people (some people) are varying from state to state. From my experience living in the Southeast, there are PLENTY of anti-weed people. But as far as the youth, it's split. Most of my friends are cool with it (most smoke only occasionally) and even think it should be legalized, that's usually common in urban areas really. But there are a lot of people here who practically look down on you for smoking weed. :cry:

    Sorry if I'm stereotyping. It's just my experience. But what's it like out west? To us Cali is almost like another country lol.
  8. Next time they stare you down just do exactly what they think your going to do and flip out! Make a giant scene then suddenly stop and go back to your own business.
  9. If i was you i would just act like nothing is differnt
  10. I personally hate smoking at parties. For me if im around people I dont know, or around people in general I can't focus in on my high. I either like smoking alone or with a couple of good friends.
  11. If it's gonna be that kind of party just don't smoke before you go. Get drunk instead and smoke after you leave.
  12. This summer, I brought my hookah to a end of the season work party. There was this one girl there that freaked out and wouldn't smoke it. She eventually did after she was drunk enough.

    My advice is just let them get drunk, don't say you're high.
  13. Toke up and show them how much more clear-minded and level-headed you are than the drunken idiots around you.
  14. Get baked and challenge them to a game of beer pong. Since if you don't run their ass.
  15. offer them some.
  16. yes I am. born and raised, and I'm quite happy about it. but ya, it rains here. and the people are weird;). I think you east coast people should stay there. you won't like it rains. ya, that's it.;) but ya, I like the west coast.

  17. Offer it to them, or leave the party.
  18. I don't associate myself with people of that level of ignorance.
  19. #19 Peppie, Feb 24, 2009
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    Jump onto a table and shout, "WATCH OUT MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! I'M AS HIGH AS FUCK AND NOW I'M CRAZY!!! NOBODY KNOWS WHAT A STONER'S GONNA DO NEXT!!!" Flap your arms for extra effect.

    Then sit down and start having a normal conversation with somebody.
  20. High as fuck? :p

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