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Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, May 4, 2006.

  1. Hello city,
    What do you all think about the people who go cruising around with there car stereos blarring like idiots? I have to put up with this damn station wagon w/hydrolics driving up and down my road with the radio so loud the bass shakes my house. Theres a few other cars as well, and the harleys that like to rev up there engines late at night to.

    People like that are so ignorant, why do people do shit like this?
  2. It happens to my house alot. Doesnt bother me really.
  3. because you cant stop me.

    but seriously i like to listen to my music loud and have become accustomed to it.

    i paid for those subwoofers so now they get to vibrate the block.

    its the american way.
  4. Doesn't bother me.

    When they park and hang around, thats what bothers me. Don't get that too much in downtown Toronto though.

  5. NO it's not the american way- it's illegal for one and two it's rude isn't it? You know damn well if everyone had that attitude about everything you'd be pissed about how ignorant some people can be.
  6. Don't sweat it, the guy will hae dual hearing aids by the time he's 40

  7. illegal nah, just an attempt to controle the black man by the government.

    a little fine at most, what r they gonna do confiscate my system?

  8. ill be blessed to be alive at 40 and ill proudly be rockin my heaing aids, evertime someone goves me shit ill be like "I CANT HEAR YOU" hahaha
  9. No, it's not illegal everywhere, only in places that have sound ordinances.

    umm, I'm pretty sure that it's not just black people that like to "bump" in their cars, way to stereotype yourself.

    And actually, if a town has sound ordinances and you are a repeat offender, hypothetically, the fines can get up to as much as $1000.
  10. General Blaze, I won't bother argueing with you because I can tell by the last two posts that it's not even worth it. I mean what kind of attitude is that? We all have freedom which is something you should realize. You do have the freedom to listen to your music however loud you want if it's not infringing on someone else's right to have quiet.
  11. i got subs and pump my bass out. its not ridiculously loud, just when i am driving down the street. When i go into sub division where people are living i turn it down or off. i dont want to bother people in their homes. i also have quite a loud exhaust on my truck but i keep it in 2nd thru the neighborhoods so i dont rumble any houses

    i understand where you are coming from, when i am trying to sleep at 2 or 3 am and a motorcycle is revving up across the street or someones bass is shaking my room i get kinda mad, but whatever there isnt much i can do about it
  12. thats not really being ignorant, thats just being an asshole = \

  13. too bad thats not the american way, otherwise we could smoke pot.

    GeneralBlaze...ive been drunk on my porch and run in front of people's car and pulled them out and beat them for that exact thing. im not proud of it, but i dont regret it either. youre a dick.
  14. Shit when i got the ride with the subs i be bumpin all day.

    Almost all my homies got em.

    When i hear em i dont get pissed, I jus look around like who got the system?
  15. This thread reminds me of a time when I was sitting behind this car with the bass about to shatter my windows...guy must have paid a LOT of money for this system (crystal clear with the loud bass). But he was driving a car that must have been worth less than $900 bucks, on a good day, WITH a full tank-o-gas, seriously. We were sitting at a red light and a part of the song with like, super-mega-bass came on, and his rear bumper fell the fuck off. Seriously. Just -splat-, right on the ground. I had to back up my car and go around him while he threw the bumper in his back seat.

    I agree that while everyone does have the RIGHT to play their music loud, people should have the freakin courtesy to respect those around him/her. That's just common sense. And the same logic applies to many other scenarios.

  16. i dont get pissed until its in my neighborhood.
  17. Those cars with loud music really bother me! I hate it when I'm trying to sleep and the whole apartment starts shaking.
    Sometimes they are pretty funny... some people put their music too loud for their sound systems so instead of a bass sound, it makes a ridiculous farting noise! :D

  18. hahahah way too look on the lighter side.
  19. I dont do it cause it sucks but i think its cool when other people do it. I like to hear what their listening to.

  20. im not black but im positive thats why the
    laws exist.

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