damn neighbors

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chill out, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. some of the best dank i ever had was this shit me and my cousin grew before we moved. ( used to live in so cal) i moved here, she moved to hawaii. it tasted all fruity and yummy....mmmmm. i had about an oz to come out here with, but a couple nights before i left i went to this going away party my best friend threw for me. i toked right before i left and i had my blinds open, i could see my neighbor's kids outside in their yard, but i figured they couldn't see me because my lights were off and it was dark outside. i turned on my light so i could see what i was doing when i put the pott and my pipe away. when i got back from the party i was gonna toke and go to bed, but it was gone, i looked everywhere, even asked my aunt if she disposed of it (she didn't even know i toked untill i asked her that lol. got a long lecture blah blah blah) well, i looked outside and found my pipe broken on my side of the fence that seperated me from my neighbors. i was sooo pissed, but what could i do??? it makes me mad every time i think about it... grrrr those little fuckers

    sorry, i had to let that be known lol
    has anything similar happened to anyone??
  2. Man that sucks!

    No, I, personally, have never had something like that happen to me, but my bestfriend did.

    Her ma found her pipe (man that thing was pretty too) and took it. Her mom is a stoner though, and we swear she took it to smoke outta. It pisses my friend off to no end whenever the topic comes up. LOL...

    But she's since gotten a better (and prettier) pipe. :D
  3. me and my bro were partyin at this girls house and her husband came home and ran us off like an ass cause he said we could come over and he knew what we were gonna do
    so we left so there wouldnt be no fights and we didnt have time to grab the weed
    she had gone off to get more beer so she called and it turns out that her husband had thrown my bros pipe into a swamp behind their house
    i had never seen him so mad it was crazy
  4. Man that blows, the pain of loosing a pipe is a bitch. On the bright side buying a new pipe is fun :)
  5. those little pricks, i would have stole their bikes and smashed them to peices, and laid it by the fence, thats what the fuckers would have had coming to them
  6. Fuck,that's shit.

    Ignorant inconsiderate fuckers.
  7. couple days ago i smoking outside my house with a friend and all of a sudden i just hear "would your parents approve of that" and i look up and my neighbors leaning out his window so i just look up and say hopefully then when i go inside the phone rings and its his wife asking if my mom is home. MY mom doesnt care that i smoke but my dad is very unpredictable so i dunno about him but luckily nothings happened. It was just weird cuz i know my neighbor pretty well and he caught me in the act, i hop i dont hafta talk to them like ever lol
  8. so they broke into your house? i would say call the cops...but that would get YOU in more trouble woudlnt it? i mean, thats always a dillemea, you cant call the police when the thing stolen is illeagal, doesnt taht suck? it does...and yah! poke him in the eye...and be klike...HA! take that! i poked you in the eye! bitch!...yah, do that

    that would be awesome

  9. ....not when you look at all the times you spent with that pipe and the money you're about to piss away on some new pipe because some asshole who had no idea about the value of a pipe ends its life in one simple toss...
  10. I'm usually not the violent type.....but hunt their asses down and teach them a lesson
  11. I'm a pretty violent type for a stoner, when something like that happens. I would hunt them down and make them give you the money for it and if not beat their asses, if they do give you the money....i'd still beat them down.
  12. I can see the headline. "Man attacks young neighboors over his marijuana smoking pipe, gives us proof marijuana makes people violent".

  13. That's exactly what it would say, I hate our government.

  14. Bastards... btw im a chick

  15. That is funny to me b/c I have smoked outside my house about a million times and I don't really have any privacy at all(any place you go atleast one neighbor could clearly see you). But I usually say fuck it and just toke anyway if I don't see anyone outside. I'm sure by now numerous neighbors have seen me smoking in my backyard(and probably out my window too) but they have yet to say anything. Well not that I know of...

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