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  1. Found quite the hiding spot... about 20 feet up a white pine haha. take a look and tell me what you think.

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  2. is that a spruce, next tree over?

    and is this for the full season ?
  3. I think this is interesting, awaiting more experienced peoples opinions?
  4. i'd duck tape the pot to the trunk. make sure its very secure dont rely on it just resting on branches and the one tie down. a really windy day could totally fuck that up. other than that i think its brilliant. haha
  5. Birds and other critters luke raccoons gonna get highhhhh, after they wreck your babies of course. My friend had a successful grow in the trees though...3 out if 10 plants were destroyed weather and creatures
  6. I would've given the plant a bit more of a head start before I put it way up there.
    5 gallon buckets need water almost every day when the plants get big, so that should be some good exercise for you.
  7. Bud does grow better the higher you put it, fungus and bugs is an issuie though
  8. That must be a beautiful tree to climb, and yes, your spot is darn-near invisible; however, growing herb up a tree typically produces small yields. There is just not enough sun reaching your mj. Keep at it and enjoy the views.
  9. \
    citation please

  10. Where did you get this? I am at 8,000ft. My bud should be fantastic!

  11. I think he meant, that plant, which is high up the tree, will get much more sunlight because it won't be obscured by branches as plant, that grows in the 1/3 tree height from the ground (more sunlight = more bud).
  12. I love the name of the thread.
    Reminds me of my big cousin who says "damn near" all the time.

    Great idea OP,Definately gonna try it when I get my own place (isolated):D
  13. Hey guys sorry for the delayed response, went to my girlfriends last night. Anyway this isnt a permanant thing, I just stuck them up there for now because while my dad is cool with it, one of my brothers isn't. so I figured I'd hide them good this time as he's killed perfectly good plants on me in the past. I'm thinking I'll leave them up there till there about 6-7 inches tall then replant in the same spot just on the ground. I'm using 60 gallon pots mainly for height because I have a real rabbit/ mouse problem around here, I think i got them addicted hahaha. I have some extra seeds so maybe I'll try some 5 gallon buckets and tie them high up and just bring 'em down when they need water, we'll see how it goes.
  14. your brother needs broken nose.. just to lean to "keep it to himself"

    by the time your plant are in a 60 gallon pot rabbits, even deer, will not be much of an issue.
  15. Haha I don't think i could hit him. He's actually on the fast track to a job in the FBI :/ guess he thinks I'm a practice case or somthing lol
  16. And yeah that's what I'm thinking. I just need to harden them off and get a couple leaf sets before they go down low because I've already had about 12 seedlings eaten this season.
  17. ohhh.... then forget hitting him..just dose his food with enough grass to make him fail his entry UA :eek:
  18. He's never had the herb even though I've offered to smoke blunts with him more times than I can count lol. I might be able to pull it off with some WPB&J sandwiches lol
  19. clean ass idea.... tie it down once more though
  20. hehe i did something simalar last summer:

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