Damn My Impatient-ness X[

Discussion in 'General' started by str8JADED, May 23, 2010.

  1. (Scroll down to skip my back story, but if ya care...) I was busted back in feb. and FINALLY just went in to get judged or what have you...turns out that after being caught at a party facing possession and para. charges, I'm getting a big time break by just having to pass a drug test and some other little bs (meetings/essay) shenanigans. apparently it was appointed by some "Stop Your Deviousness!" committee of my town because the actual judges have had enough of these cases. TRUST ME I'm grateful as shit for this because otherwise i would have been dumped with drug charge also, even though i only brought some nesses like pipes, bongs, rollers, and a grinder to the place (they will be missed :(), but none of the bud was mine...just in the same area...ANYWAYS, sorry for the ramble, I have to find my own drug counselor for at least one session before june 16th andpass his/her drug test. I pass-clean record after I write an essay, Fail-multiple sessions and case sent back to court. Thing is i got a detox QCARBO 32oz EXTRA STRENGTH. First of all, any good? Second, how long can i not smoke before i take the detox and the test? (Daily chick toker, decent metabolism, 5' 3", 125 lbs) if it helps. Its just such a drag to just have to immediately stop and all. thanks any advice would rock.


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