Damn my ass hurts but that was a SWEET skatepark session!

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Tonight we went out and and sessioned the park for a while, it was pretty sweet. I pulled off a bunch of stuff but i busted my ass all hard trying to clear the pyramid box with a big ollie and I hipped right on the far lip, but it's all good, cause i shook it off and bombed the same line again and stuck it, i almost cleared the box on that one, and just had fun pumping trannys and carvin' all old skool like, even got a few smooth powerslides on the bank.

    I also got ollie to manuals on the small kicker chute thing, but i suck at manuals so i din't manual the whole line but i landed 'em on manual a bunch of times. I think tha skate skills are comin' back, i'm gonna have to start throwin' down more often.

    J busted some sweet shit too,, nailed a few slick boarslides on the flatbar and almost broke it off clean on the long handrail.

    C was nailing some sweet backside noseslides and then someone at the park kicked him down a set of inline skates and he proceeded to wreck shop with some grinds on the pyramid topledge and up the kinked ledge by the stairs, as well as nailed the long handrail a few times.

    It wa a pretty sweet session. Damn, my ass hurts!

  2. man i feel your pain.... i have a swellbow and a swollen hip and my tailbone hurts from flipping over my bars riding street yesterday... sux i wanna ride now but dont have the physical ability to.
  3. What do you ride? Mainly i ride urban trials but i've been waiting on parts for a month now. I'm building up my Sputnik with Profile cranks, a Hatecake from www.goatbike.com, and a bunch of other tuff stuff.

    When i get my ride together i'll post pics
  4. i ride about 85%street, 10%park, and 5%dirt but there arent really any trails around here to ride. not to mention i'm brakeless so i tend to get wrecked on dirt alot
  5. Sweet! I rode brakeless urban in miami fr a long time, we used to brakeless dirtjump too.

    You ride BMX or MTB? I rode BMX for 20+ years and hardcore MTB since like '97. Do you post over at PB?

    Here's a pic of my ride before I broke everything.

    I'm building it up with Profile cranks, the hatecake, a Mammoth rim in the rear, i run singlespeed with a Surly hub and ACS freewheel. The fork is a Marz. Bomber Z2 Atombomb 80mm and the bars are Answer CS moto-x bars off a YZ250, they're 32" wide and they rule!

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  6. i'm a bmx rider for about 4 years. heres a pic of my ghetto ass bike

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  7. Sweet, but those bars look way pulled back, do you actually ride 'em in that position?
  8. yea thats the way i like em, when i lean back to manual there pretty much on the same angle as my arms so it makes it real comfortable and easier. the bikes startin to get trashed a lil i think i may be investing in some newer parts sometime soon.
  9. Wjay frame is that BTW? What parts you got?
  10. its an FBM night train wit FBM bars, sprocket, hubgaurd on the back leftside, stem(all to the left are FBM also), a Solid Bikes sealed headset, S&M pitchfork, and the rest of the stuff is mostly Primo Products.
  11. I wanted to get into mountain biking but i need some more info... what all do you do? You ever take it to the mountains or something or just street? Please inform this no nothing!
  12. What do ya wanna do?

    That's the great thing about mtb, you can do anything from ride in circles to your driveway to hurling youself off 70 foot cliffs with reckelss abandon. It all depends on how far you want to take it.

    I ride urban trials and do a thing called jib.

    Jibbing by definition is the art of riding manmade terrain. Basically it's stuff like jumping over flights of stairs, drops, gaps, riding skateparks on a mtb, and any manner of total all out urban assault.

    It's all up to you, but if you really wanna know, ask me specifics, let me know what you're interested in. I'll talk about bikes all day, that's pretty much what i do anyway is bs about bikes and biking. I just wish there were more stoners that ride. There's nothin' like gettin blazed and gettin off tha hook on 2 wheels, it's like flying fast and low. hell yeah!

    Lemme know what ya wanna do and i'll help ya find what ya need to get ridin'.

  13. hey man i just got my 1st BMX! i been on my mates loads before. i loved it since i 1st sat on one :D
  14. congrats on the first one, soon u'll find this geometrical metal peice of art to consume your life and become more addictive than heroin. have fun!
  15. i literally havn;t left the house without it since i've got it!
  16. TooSicks what is a good MTB to get i wanna ride some trails do jumps and crazy shit and maybe some stuff you do. So basically whats a good all around MTB to get and how much should they start out?
  17. Damn no reply yet.....

  18. when i go out it comes with me, where-ever im going.
    i just been out with my mates, they been teachin me stuff :D
  19. Dr.krapp you live in England?

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