Damn man i was just trying to get a wrap

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by s0ad05, May 8, 2006.

  1. I got a call from one of my friends tonight and he just got a big stash in. So i ask him to meet me up around my house so that I could get some because I haven't had bud alot lately. So I get a few 8ths of bud off of him and I got back to my house and I really wanted to roll a victory blunt for my self.

    Well i opened my swisher box to find it empty and I was kinda pissed off. So i decided to smoke a fat bong and walk up to the gas station and buy a wrap. As Im walking down the street my high just kicks in real strong and I feel like someone is walking behind me.

    It was ridiculous and people probably though i was a moron standing on the street at 2:30am. So i finally get to the gas station and this clerk and his friend are blasting this music when i get there. The kid had really good amps and I could hear them all the way back to my house.

    As i leave the gas station with the wrap in my hand i start to sense for some reason a cop was around somewhere. I dont know how to explain it but i have really good "copdar" lol. I cross the street to some parking lots and he whips around a building. He then crossed the streets into the parking lot and starts to creep on me.

    Then out of nowhere i hear his car just stop running. I turn around thinking what the hell? All i heard was the cop yelling "OH WTF COME ON!!!" I burst out laughing and try to hurry around some clearing so he wouldn't see me.

    Now im really high and dont feel like smoking a blunt.......damnit!
  2. LoL.

    hate it when ur outta blunts and gotta make a walk 4 em.
  3. Thats hilarious his car died and he got pissed.

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