Damn it.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MetaGera, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Alright GC, I gotta tell you about this bullshit that just happened. I'm pretty fucking drunk right now. I chilled and had a good time tonight at this local spot where I live. Everything right now is amazing, but not one thing. I lost my wallet man, and I think I had an idea where I lost it.

    Earlier, I was drinking and smoking with these guys at some spot behind a wall near Publix, and it was really chillin'. I was sitting down on that spot a few times, and I think I might have lost it there. BUT... I think I might have lost it somewhere else taking out my wallet, but I don't know.

    Post your opinions and suggestiosn on this... I want some replys on my following questions too though... Is it easy getting back a verification of a pre-paid college program? My pre-paid card for my florida college pre-paid plan was in there. Would it be easy getting back?
  2. well since i was with you i can tell you exactly where you lost your wallet that night

    are u serious? i live in fucking CT bro, and half the people here live way out in the United Kingdom, im pretty sure ur the only one who can answer your own question

    but ill let it slide since your supposedly drunk......yet you spelt every word correctly, and propper grammar and punctuation

  3. OP: I'm so blazed, and that was SO FUCKING ENTERTAINING. Stories related in that fashion are exactly why I love going to college parties high as hell... just watching drunk people is the best shit ever.
  4. It is not hard to spell and use proper grammar when drunk, people who use excessively bad grammar and spelling are usually faking it.
  5. well iono if i were you i would be out investigating. but since you said you were drunk, maybe that wouldn´t be such a great idea. don´t want you coming back, starting a thread saying you lost your pants. or some shit like that. lol

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