Damn...Im drunkk

Discussion in 'General' started by Hali Hostility, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Beer pong, and diamond wars.... Im pissed off at my boyfriend.
    DRUCKKKERDDDDD! qhjgdsjhgcdhj

  2. hoopedyhooooo!
  3. Lets get back at your boyfriend by, wait for it...doing it. ;)

    Smooth as butta.
  4. In like Nike.:cool:
  5. He's probably on his way over right now...
    Imma be fuckin pissed if hes drivin over here drunk.
    Woop his ass...
  6. Butta ya buns.

    So, id be as smooth as ya buns. ;)
  7. Sending me some provocative photos is always good revenge. Fuck that loser.
  8. Dammit!!!!
    I wanna play survival!
    But my tv sucks dick and i just left the house with the awesome tv..
    Damn. I cant even get into my bedrooom to freed ymu fish. I left my keys at ehis house.
  9. You lock your bedroom?:cool:
  10. So no photos?
  11. I'm glad at least someone is enjoying their Saint Patrick's Day. I've been cooped up home sick all day.
  12. whoaaa whoa who.
    Lets not get outta hand.
    That smy futur husband were talkin about...

    yake a chiill pill.
    My spelling is getting pretty shity,.
    HOW the fixo did that shit het capitalized?
  13. Lol this is like a live news feed right now.

    Im waiting to see if the BF comes back and some trouble abrews when he arrives.

    This is getting good. :D

  14. yeahhh My "mom"s a dumb tweaker sneaky peice of shit and ifr i leave my roimon open, my shit will be gone...Fucj her.
  15. Yeah...So I'm absolutely lost, I caught something about spelling.

    Let's reflect on that for a moment.:cool:
  16. I wish I could drink sometimes.
    I got tummy troubles :(
  17. We need a translator, asap.

    Does anyone speak drunkenese?
  18. Madam. I have never encountered such elequently phrased sentences before in all my years of studying the english language. Bravo.
  19. nHH WE'll probalky jsut bicth arou7nd for a bit then we'll smoke some bowls and probavbly bang and go troi slee;p.
  20. :D...Its like picasso,l. you wouldnt undertsand.

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