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damn, i need some money

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DirtyMids, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. man, i smoke wayy to much. just smoked about an ounce in a week, and now have no money. and i rly wish i had bud right now

    ^ someone send me some money!! plz!!
  2. get your priorites straight. obviously if you spent all your money on weed and now your broke your priorities are not in order. do you want to get high or do you want to have money? whats more important?
  3. well i need money to get bud, to get high

    lol... i just need some money, and now imma smoke my bud slow..
  4. what are you 15? your the kind of stoner i don't want to be associated with, no offense but thats the image that everyone has about stoners and its because of people like you.

    Broke & Jobless which I am not by any means
  5. i dont care... i prolly smoke less then ur pothead ass anyway
    but dont even reply.. cuz im not saying anything else 2 yuu

  6. fucking fiend!!!!
  7. Wow, "Pothead ass". You really truely must be like 12, correct? Please don't insult people. It's people like you who give people who smoke cannabis a bad name. (Pun intended).
  8. Fucking fiend!
  9. Dont feed the troll..
  10. he started with me.. idc
  11. SHUT UP FIEND! i bet u smoke out of tin foil huh crackhead?
  12. Is this guy serious?

    Pothead ass..........

    smells like babylon.
  13. you remind me of my self when i was 15-17 years old and started smokin, haha dont worry man youll get a job eventually but you need to realize that to get a job u need to stop smokin for a while.. so lay off until you have a good job and can pay for gas and have your own car... when u let the bud control your life like that you are only hurting yourself.

    and yawbus why the fuck would u start shit like that.. you had no reason to be hostile, this forum is put here to help people not to snap at them like that.

    peace, love, and bud
  14. fuck these stupid ass threads i dunno why i even click on these kinds anymore
  15. hahaha you whitney houston fiend bastard!
  16. ^^^can't see your picture, please describe it. :)

  17. better yet, smoke and then describe it

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