Damn.!!! I Got Arrested Last Night,,,

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. i guess those 6 ..''LONG ISLAND ICED TEA'S'' impared on my judgement a little,,, me being on probation, i should have knew better....

    i got in a fight in the parking lot of the bar,,, literally kicking this guy with my boot,,, when i hear... '' if you don t stop.... im going to phaser you''

    i turned and there is the cop's,,, the cop told me later that he had been yelling at me to stop,,,, guess i didnt hear him,?

    i'll proably get violated,, maybe not ? we will see,,, but if i do it's a year in the county jail,,,,, oh well,,, life goes on,

    i should have knew better,,,,,, damn me and my temper,,,, but i couldnt just let some punk run his mouth to me,,,,:mad:

  2. You gotta do what you gotta do man. If someones going to be talking shit they should know what that leads to especially in a bar. He learned his mistake too, I guess. God luck with the whole thing bro.
  3. That sucks, hopefully you don't get jailtime.

    BTW, what sparked this? If it was just him talking shit, sometimes you gotta know how to just ignore pricks like that.
  4. I doubt ya'd do a year anyways man.
  5. sounds like misdemeanor battery i'm sure you'll be fine community service and a fine most likely
  6. chicken you motherless fuck. you better not go away for a year. ill miss your crazy ass too much.
  7. Who was the arresting officer? Captain Kirk?
  8. hahaha,,, yeah i guess it is called a taser,,, not a phaser,,,,,,,

    yeah i need to learn how to walk away from people like this guy,,,,

    i guess this aint good for these anger management classes im in,,,,,,

    damn i really screwed my-self last night,,,

    i did get a head-job in the parking lot, about 2 hrs. before this happened,,, so i guess something good came out of the night,,,:D
  9. lmao @ phaser

    that sucks dude I hope you get a good lawyer

    did you throw the first punch?
  10. i relly dont know,,, but i know i was throwing the last punches,,,,:cool:

    my buddy whom i was with,,, ended up laying his harley down on a dirt road,,, he aint feeling too good either,,,,:cool:
  11. I know a kid who was in a similar situation, he was beating the fuck out of this dude outside a bar and the guy was in a coma for a while and then eventually died. The kid did like 5 months in a federal prison. He is out now though and he said he will never be the same again.
  12. im guessing those anger management classes were court ordered, for another violent act........hopefully it turns out for the best but you gotta learn to let dick heads be dickheads
  13. Sometimes it's hard to just walk away...

    ...especially with a couple of drinks in ya.

    Hope you don't get any time, bro.

    BTW, ondrugz, your sig is fucking hilarious.
  14. If you do jail time at all chicken..itll probably be in county lockup..so that is no big deal..you didn't cause major injury did you..cuz that will cross the line to aggravated assault..and youll probably serve in federal prison..

    But anyways..your temper will get you knowhere..i learned it the hard way
  15. Man, tell them you didn't get this far in class yet and you didn't know you did anything wrong.... blame the teacher, heh.
  16. I feel ya bro, Hope nothing too serious happens... It's hard to walk away from People talking shit, but ya gotta. Just take a few deep breaths, and ignore him, they always shut up soon enough. Long Island Iced Teas FUCK YOU UP. :D

    Hoping for the best, brother.
  17. meng, that was waay not smart.


    ya know, my sisters boyfriend got in a fight at a bar when he was on probation. in 2006. he's still in jail.
  18. on drugz,,,, thats one sick-ass sig. keep it ,,,,,,,,,,,

    i didnt hurt the guy too bad,,, at least not near death,,,, he proably aint breathing too good,,, i did kick him many times,, once he went down,,,,,

    the judge im going in front of,, knows my family,,,

    so maybe a few ''well'' spoken words,,, and i can fly with just court costs....:cool:
  19. That's sucks chicken. I'm sure that guy got what he deserved, but sucks you had to get caught doing it.

    Exactly what charges are against you?
  20. simple battery,,, ill know more tomorrow,, i got to go to the bailsbondsman and sign some papers....

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