damn gardeners...

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  1. Fuckers are being too loud. I can't focus on my porn! :mad:
  2. I take my laptop into the garden and watch porn w/ my plants.

    Some people say play music for them, or talk to them.

    My plants like porn.
  3. Hahahahahaha oh man, this shit made me laugh. Haha maybe cause i know what its like. Similar, dam neighbors always slamming doors and shit. gotta have full concentration i know how you feel man. :(
  4. Learn to train your mind to get off to the sound of gardeners(working/w.e they're doing).

    Ejaculate in front of those gardeners with your success.

    Keep us updated.
  5. dude. go outside. find a real woman. win.
  6. I'm a fat 19 year old stoner going to community college where most women in my classes range from 30-50 years old. Now that's all fine and dandy, but all of the cute ones have husbands or whatever.

    So I'll stick with beatin my meat and not worrying about nagging bitches. (I love women)
  7. lol I do landscaping, trust me all you need to do is yell out the window to be quiet because your jerkin it. Trust me it will either make them laugh at you, or just creep them out and theyll keep it down lol.

    where i worked last summer cutting grass the one guy i work with told me he walked into a backyard once and saw this girl getting railed on the couch. The dude saw them and walked away and then the girl just like awkwardly sat there lol
  8. HAHA

    The guy wins.

    as for the girl...FAIL!

  9. Man, that post made me feel sad. I'm not judging at all, just trying to help (I know you didn't ask for it, so ignore me if you wanna ;) ) but you'd probably gain some awesome confidence if you'd stop putting yourself down for bein fat, and do something about it instead :) I'm sure there are more chicks in your area than 30-50 year olds, and believe me, not every girl is focused on looks!

    You can DO EET!! :D
  10. Nothin' wrong with whackin' it! I had sex twice yesterday and still managed to rub one out an hour after my GF left my house. :D
  11. Don't feel bad, I absolutely love my life. :D:smoking:
  12. then fuuuuck yeah! :smoke:

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