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  1. Ok i put 4 plants outside, one looks dead, another looks about half dead, my fav is doing the best, and the 4th one got stomped on by a fucking deer, it didn't eat it, it just walked all over it. I'm super pissed, i just hope nothing happens to my favorite little girl.
  2. Pee near your plants and it will keep deer away.
    do not pee on them or yourself.
  3. Been there.....it sucks.....good luck man...I'm hoping your fav don't get stomped....right along with ya...

  4. Put up some chicken wire fence. If you dont have any than use some sticks and fishing line.

  5. this is also the easiest way to get someone to look around more closly for your plants, if they happen to some across your babes. theres a plant or herb actually called somthing that sounds like canine-somthing...its really stinky and keeps dogs out of your home gardens, i wouldnt see why somthing like that woudnt work.
    good luck
  6. we actually found someones beds while deep,deep in the woods by stumbling on the wire. believe it or not didnt touch any. :) blessem'both.
    they got the same deal inthe same place this year too.
    we'd have never noticed if not for the fishing line.
    *thought id share*
  7. I really didn't want to put anything by my plants thats manmade, theres people around here that don't really know what a pot plant looks like, and having a fishing line or chicken wire around a few might help them figure out what it is. My plants havn't been fucked with for a few days by anything so thats good. I been thinking about just staying out with a gun a few nights straight until i kill somethin.
  8. by a .40 caliber rifle and wake up early in the morning and wait for the bastard to come back for the third one and shoot his ass
  9. Take an old rag and hang it buy your plants. Then piss on it every time you visit. The smell of human urine will run most deer away.
  10. alright bpp, thanks i'll try that
  11. If that dont work than i would use a rifle
  12. haha, u love that rifle!
  13. I believe that human hair is meant to work for keeping deer away, how effective this is I wouldn't know!
  14. .i am not replying but...ok i am new at this out door growing thing..hell im new to growing.i was wondering..there is this old abandoned green house by my house. i have seev bugz in it and some animal dropping but i could make it to no people or animals could get it. its very old becuase other plants have been growing.and every once in a while when its hot here it gets like 100 degrees in there! i dont know if growing is a good idea. i want to save the rest of my seeds and plant two sensi skunks but i dont if its an outdoorsy type.since in the past alot of peoples have gotten into the place im going to get a liock that they cant pick and inside is a blue garbage bin .i was wondering to chop down the amount of pests and bugs could i plant it in there?i am scured that it may die of mites or something.and the heat may kill it.can SOME ONE HELP ME PLEASE??!
  15. human urine is good. Around here we have problems with deer and bears. I brush my dog once a week and keep his hair. Then I sperad it out around the plants everytmie I go to water or fert. Mothballs spread around the perimeter work too. I have spread cougar urine around the plants and deer won't come within a hundred miles. Problem with that is cougar urine attracts other cougars. Put some of your hair (DNA sample) or dog hair in a ladies nylon and hang it from a tree near the plant. Good luck.
  16. thanks BCgrower and everyone else, i have my plants in a new spot and deer don't really go around them but there close to my property and if someone finds them they will probably know i'm the one growing them. But right now i'm trying not to really worry about it, soon i'll be spliting up my plants, i'll be putting them out and around some abandoned houses with some poppys.

    ok smokey mac pot. I'd personly try growing in the greenhouse, i'd fill the fucker up, but i would use bagseed so i wouldn't be waisting and good seeds. The greenhouse should have some vent or another, if its way too hot just make sure you keep your plants well watered.
  17. I have been told of many remedies for the damn dear problem. Use nothing that will appear obvious to passers by!! Human hair will work, as will cougar urine-I was told that if you shave a bar of soap into little shards and spread them around it will also work. Oh yeah.. don't worry about DNA unless your growing enough to buy an SUV.
  18. make a bear-trap and buy a 6 apples
  19. have some outdoor plants one out of five is a male. My favorite two are getten eaten by either a deer or beaver. I have pissed around it, poured rubbing alcohol around it, soap shavings. They are starting to bud. I heard once they start to bud, the critters stay away. But I am goin to get some chicken wire and couger sent and put around it. Also, invest in a outdoor trail cam, so I know what the hell is eating the girtls.
  20. i heard that works and if you have a dog rub some of its hair onto nearby trees and such

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