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  1. Well me and and 4 friends were at the lake right and it was way after curfew right.And we were smoking out of this soap dispencer my homeboy stole from the funeral home earlier.
    Well we had been there about an hour and we had just got done smokmin and were gettin ready to leave when guess who pulled up.The 5-0. well i hid the bag behind this wooden post that was next to the car.He searches all of us(we had already tossed the pipe) and the car and doesnt find anything.But he shines his flashlight all around including over the bag but for some reason he didnt see it.So he has nothing to charge us with so he tells us to go.Well he walks away and starts to leave sso i bend down to tie my shoe and i picked up the bag.So we get in the car and start to leave when he busts a u turn. So i chunk the bAG OUT THE WINDOW AGAIN AND HE TURNS AROUND.WE WERE JUST LIKE FUCK ITAND LEFT.wE THREW A OZ AND NEVER GOT IT BAck.

  2. Thats a hard thing to do! Having to through your weed so you don't get busted.

    I wouldn't be so hard on the cop though. It is not his fault that weed is illegal. He has a job to do just like the rest of us in the work enviroment.

    The whole illegality is because of people alot higher in office. If some one has to be blamed, you need to start with the President and go down the totum pole.

    I look at things different than most people. I know that weed is illegal so I only do it on my property. If i get caught the punishment will be alot easier.

    Sooner or later doing it in a public place will cause you problems.

    Just a thought of mine.
  3. Life is a bitch and so are cops!

    If you live in a small town like I do, the cops just need to find some way to occupy there time. And how do they do this? They piss people like you and me off!

    I'm sorry that you had to lose an Oz because of that fucker, but look at the bright side... You didn't get caught!

    I had a friend who just got caught recently in school with just a dime.... Holy SHIT! He's kicked out of the school district for good, probation again, family therapy.. the list goes on and on!

    So next time just be a little more careful, but still I'm with you buddy.. Fuck the Police!

  4. dude if i had to waste an O i would go crazy!!!!
  5. I'm sorry to hear you lost an OZ, that sucks, it really does.. BUT ~ I agree 100% with what Bud Head said.
    I am tired of people getting mad at cops because they're smoking irresponsibly in public! It's ILLEGAL still, by the way, so it is a cop's duty to keep it from happening. He didn't make the law, he's just enforcing it.

    Dude, if you had just driven off & went back an hour, half hour later you wouldn't have had to toss the OZ and chances it'd still be there. Furthermore, your fault for being somewhere you shouldn't have been in the first place, well after curfew, don't you realize that attracts attention as it is? I didn't hear one thing about the cops HARASSING you, just that he searched you, searched the car, searched the area and let you on your way.
    You know, cops do follow people for a bit to make sure they're not going to go speeding off, as well, so he might not have even known you picked up the OZ!
    I've heard WORSE horror stories, and witnessed them as well. Feel lucky you got off so easy and be more discreet about your smoking, or you WILL get arrested, and you won't be able complain one bit.
  6. i think that i might have to disagree with all of you, pigs are assholes, they don't care how much you paid for the weed, the don't care how much u lose if they confiscate it, it's just more for them...we all know cops use the drugs they confiscate. they get enough cuz they don't have to pay for it, they just bust someone and smoke there weed that's it.

  7. Like Bud Head and Ganjaphish said, weed is still illegal. Cops have to enforce the laws. Many cops don't like wasting their time on marijuana busts. Many do. Until it's legal, that's part of their job.

    The whole illegality of it all is because of the propaganda-spreading idiots who caused prohibition in the first place. The people in office now are just going by the laws already in place. The laws won't change until, we, the people, take action. Blame doesn't solve the problem.

    More people need to stand up for what they believe in and actually do something for the cause. For years, I have done everthing I can to try to invoke change and I will continue to be involved until change occurs. The lawmakers have to hear us in order to know what we want. They don't read minds, that's for sure.

    But, until it's legal, don't carry your whole stash with you when you are out, take enough for a few j's and be happy that you have weed to go home to. Hell, roll 'em before you leave so that you won't get charged with having paraphernalia on you.
  8. ya got what ya deserve bro. Smoking in public you can't stay in the same area for that long. You have to keep moving or be in a spot literally in the middle of nowhere. Ya gotta be smarter about where and when ya smoke..because it is a crime unfortunatly.
  9. can you tell when an idiot posts a message?

    100% YES

    just look at night hawks post,some people man..........
  10. i think cops are either lookin to get you because they dont really know all the facts about weed because there is still alot of misrepresentation or they are just doing their jobs. still man, an ounce Fuck, $300 down the fuckin drain just because the fuckin pos want to protect us from a harmless drug, fuck that, most cops are ass holes though, some are cool, one just took from me and said he was gonna hit the wawa later due to the munchies... he was cool, but fuck if he took an once i would be pissedman
    i feel man
    p.s. cops due smoke the shit, atleast some any way
    peace serenity my brothers
  11. Cops are people just like you and me. They are brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, father, and mother of some body and they should be treated with respect cuz they are the ones out there risking their lives for the society. If there is a cop, who's a dick, well then you talk shit to him but you can't just justify COPS as "PIGS AND ASSHOLES" just because they are cops. It's like saying FUCK THE WHOLE WORLD just because you had one guy piss you off. If you wanna talk shit about cops then talk shit about "THAT COP" who was being a dick to you, not every motherfuckin cop there is on the street.
  12. I agree with the rest of them. It is smarter to smoke where you know no one is around. Smoke at a friends or smoke while you're driving (that's what we do) but make sure you aren't giving a cop a reason to pull you over. At least that is what I always say. It would suck to be pulled over for a seatbelt violation and then have the cop snatch your stash. Be smart and try to smoke behind closed doors.
  13. Yeah I would have to say just be smarter with your smoking. I got busted recently, but I was smoking out in the open underneath a light, and we saw the pig car drive by twice...it was my own stupidity and i realize that. At least i didn't get charged.
  14. parcs man....go smoke in parcks...saftest place, parcs, or back yeard....i like smoking outside...so smoke outside...never roll outsite...just smoke it
  15. i can't stand smoking outside, i don't see the point in it when i can just smoke in my bedroom or garage or a family memebers house. i understand in some cases where you have to go to great lengths to hide from your parents though. the only time when i smoke outdoors is when i'm hunting (we never get to high though, i don't need to be walking around stoned off my ass with a gun). it is completely your fault so you shouldn't get pissed, and why the hell would you not go back for your bag, wtf, thats retarded. i know a few cops that smoke, but there not around my place though, there up around lake erie(I'll be going there in a week or so though), they never take anyones weed, but they do steal from the evidence room, and when there made to go out and burn all the dope most the time a little bit stays behind in the trucks that they take the dope out in, damn i hate when that happens, hehe. My cousin bought a 5 pound bail that said right on it "Erie, Pennsylvaina Evidence Lockup #---" or something like that. Now that was good cheap weed, seedy though but cheap.

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