damn, coolest manager ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by phantomxrider, May 14, 2010.

  1. my manager told me today that if i driver her to atlanta in two weeks, she'll give me a free half O.

    my car gets 30 mpg.
    atlanta is 90 miles away.
    gas is $2.60/gallon here.
    you guys do the math :D

    god, im so stokedddd
  2. Haha, good shit. Good shit.
  3. Divide the 6 add the 4 minus 2 blunt...YEA thats a deal!!!
  4. yeah guys, basically i'm getting a $20 half. scoreeeee
  5. Shit, even if it's mids that's a hell of a score...Nice!
  6. Ya, plus what your time is worth. So Nothing + $20 in gas = Half OZ.... Sweet

  7. yeah its mids. but they're pretty good mids and thats what sells around here. and i know i can't smoke a half to myself :cool:

    anyways, round here $20 gets you 4 g's....so it's a hell of a deal
  8. Damn dude.. 20 for 4 g's? Thats like 65 bucks where I live. Good deal. I want your job. :p

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