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  1. I just got a chain letter from my dad with a little religious tearjerker story, and it made me feel guilty! So FUCK THE CHAIN LETTERS! I'm going to retire back to the place where everybody knows your name! (and ounces are $60) :D
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    I think people have stopped sending those annoying chain letters. I guess it was a post 9/11 thing but then again, I don't even check FB anyways.

    p.s. I just resurrected an 11 yeard old thread.

  3. Holy smegma on a stick, I was 7 years old when this thread was made
  4. People post em all the time, i dont understand how people can be so paranoid about them, no, you're not gonna die the 132nd time.

    o.0 i was also 7 when this was made lal
  5. Whaaaat 11 years old :O im not sure if i would be angry or proud if i was the op.
    That is, if he is still alive
  6. damn... i was 11

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