dammit i cant decide. vape or bong

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  1. So ive been going back and forth for weeks about getting a vape or better tube. Ive owned the mflb and have hit some other cheaper vapes and didnt really like them all that much. Ive been looking into the dbv but the i dont like how everyone has problems with the temp and how fast you inhale and all these little things that you dont have to worry about when you just light a bowl. Im an active person and would like to enjoy the " active/more clear" high you get from vaping but the whole possibility of something going wrong kills it for me.On the other hand ive been thinking about getting this http://*******************.com/scie...glass/b-wilson-glass-clear-6-arm-bubbler.html
  2. Get em both and then vape through the bong. Best of both worlds.
  3. Get the vapor blunt 2.0 I've had it for a while and it is the BEST vape I've ever used
  4. would be great if u could get both and use them together, but get the dbv its only like $130 now and is so worth it anybody who has one can agree
  5. If you're getting a vape, don't buy a cheapo 40$ vape, you better get quality.
    I would go for a vape knowing you already have a bong.
    Can't see the piece you linked.
  6. haha id get both if i could but ive never really spent over 150 on a cannabis related device. im pretty low on cash but this would be my late christmas/bday present to myself. i kind of want a vape just because ive used bongs/bubblers most of my life and not so much vaping. I kind of want to get away from smoking because i hate getting tired and not being able to be as active as id like but im afraid of only getting a "vape" high and getting tired of it quickly
  7. The Da Buddha sounds right up your alley man, it'll last you 5+ years and trust me, it gives HUGE rips

    I smoked for about 9 years, just started vaping early 2012, and the Solo and Da Buddha definitely converted me for good

    Look up some Youtube video's on the clouds the DBV produces
  8. Get a Da Buddha, SSV, or Extreme Q
  9. get da buddha!
  10. Get a Magic Flight Launch Box
  11. Since you haven't had a good vape yet OP why not try one now.
    I think you'll be happy you did.
  12. Get an Extreme Q on ebay for $150!
  13. IF he/she is going to be vaporbonging, there are better options than any of the vapes mentioned above.

  14. Well idk about just vaporbonging. I'm sure I'd do it sometime but I really just want to have something that tastes good and I know is working and that I'm not messing up because of "technique". I smoke with a lot of newer smokers and it'll be a hassle to have to waste cannabis trying to teach and also for my sake because I won't be baling everyday and I'm sure after a week of not using it if forget te technique as well
  15. If you want a home vape that doesn't require any technique at all, get a vape that uses a bag as a delivery system, either the Volcano, the HerbalAire or the Extreme Q.
  16. Vape brotha. Once you start vaping, smoking will seem like riding in a horse and carriage instead of driving a car.
  17. I have been in your situation before!

    Ended up buying a DBV and a cheap glass bong.

    I was also worried about temps, how fast you should inhale, etc.
    Each DBV is different in temps, took me like the first 5 bowls to find the 'sweet spot' resulting a very thick mist. Gets ya hella hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-:confused:wut oh yeh i forgot :p-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh lol!

    I'm using the cheap bong when i have friends over. Not as effecient as DBV but it's nice to use the bong once in a while especially with friends! :bongin:
  18. I wou ld say go with the bong. Really is personal preference.

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