damm coton mouth

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Trouble, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. the feelin is grate the pain float away chill all night chill all day only onething slows down the fun cottonmouth that suck
  2. take some dr.pepper to that bitch..
    lol always works for me :p
  3. mmmm, i'm all about lemonade myself. i can't handle any type of soda when i'm faded. the carbonation just tastes gross.
  4. I second that one man, but I prefer some koolaid myself.. :smoke:
  5. real lemonade is my absolute most favorite drink of all time... but the only problem is i have to go to the mall to get it :(

    if i don't feel like hiking 3 miles i'll just run to wawa and grab a sobe :D

    mmmm... sobe...
  6. yea, cotton mouth is a bitch but once you get a nice cold glass of cool-aid or lemonade it is all good. :-D
  7. sobe rocks

  8. fuck ya to that!
  9. i dunno...i like like drinking carbonated stuff on the rare ocassions that i do get cottonmouth. i like how the bubbles fizz ^_^
  10. hahha, back in the day when i first started smoking, for like 2 months everytime i smoked weed id buy a sobe, and make a waterfall with it, and just use the juice instead of water ;)
  11. i dont even drink anything i just push my tounge against my salivary glands and push more spit out its a fun game... ;}
  12. I have coton mouth right now :(
  13. I never drink pop because it's bad for my teeth. Since I quit drinking pop, I haven't gotten any cavities! I drink juice, I like the kind that is like strawberry kiwi banana orange mix. Good stuff like that.
  14. once i had cottonmouth so bad i couldnt swallow. my friend gave me this cereal bar and it just wouldnt go down. impossible.
  15. I hate cottonmouth it slows the fun level down some times i make funny faces on accident because my lips stick to my teeth and every one lauphs but i cure it by mouthwash (dont drink it lol)
  16. whenever i get the cottons i like to drink water. water is awsome. it's one of the weirdest chemicals out there.
  17. man sometims when i get really bad cotton mouth i like to look at my self in the mirror smile and then ill just laugh my ass off for ten minutes. i dont know it just cracks me up.
  18. i like coke, when i got cotton mouth the bubbles feel kool :D
  19. the brisk with lemon, not the lemonaid(which is good) but the iced tea
  20. I like really cold lemon propel or gatorade... Mmmm

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