damaging plants with rocks

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Maynard420, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. ok a long time ago i read on a website that you can put a tiny rock in the stem of your plant and as long as its not big enuf to kill it, the plant will produce more thc to fix the hole but it will be blocked by the rock. thus causing the plant to make more thc and it will have nowhere to go except the buds. anyone ever tried this or know its true

    doesnt sound very likely
  2. if i remember right the rock thing used to be used with vines.
    i dont think it ever worked to well and has been put in the same bin as other good ideas like leaches and drilling holes in mad peoples heads to let evil sprits out.

    it never worked with mj.

    cutting light towards the end of flowering does help a plant to finish faster but at the cost of some yeald. it can improve flavor in some strains i think but i have tryed it and didnt find it that helpfull, imho a good flush, slow dry and cure is much better.

    you need light to make the resin and thc so allthough i dont have a lab to measure this i'll stick my neck out and say it doesnt work.

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