dam it !

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. are these snack packs just to small to save you from the munches or what !and your tounge just wont reach the bottom of them ! is that by design or what !the only good thing i see about them is they come in a sex pack !lol
  2. You are trying to mooch that thing for all it's worth! You could try to cut the container, or do what I do and make my own, this way you have a huge bowl of it.
  3. i had a few huge bowls thats why i could 'nt make my own inthe frist place !lol pluse iam 3/4 blind and havent cooked in years other than brownies,lol good luck tazz11
  4. they do that so you have to eat more than 1 and then you have to buy more! evil bastards!
  5. what fucking salesman because it works!lol

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