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Dallas whats up? *Macros*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by griffsta, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I just got some good homegrown Northern Lights from a friend. Very uplifting first smoke at first, then after the next couple of sessions you are feeling still head high, but more indica. It was 2.3 g for 40 dollars. Pretty good deal, considering the amount of care for a non commercial crop. It was cured and grown pretty good. Extremely frosty, you can tell this hasnt been touched but a couple of times. This is my second time trying with the macro lens. I wish I wouldnt have to resize it, or else you could see up close the actual heads of the trichomes and how they are still intact. :smoking:[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. looks good, im from dallas too and want some of that lol
  3. Damn that is some straight fire.
  4. it better look good at 20 a gram lol..
  5. nice.. i never get nL in dallas
  6. dude thats some dank right there nice pick up man. Also the pictures are hella big you might want to make them smaller because i had to zoom out to 50% zoom and it was still big as hell.
  7. It's good to see a lot of Dallas smokers! :smoking:
  8. Yea, dallas is where its at with dank. its everywhere you look. and also i picked up a half ounce of mids for 50 bucks. I only bought the mids because there were no seeds like usual dallas mids, and im planning on mixing the dank and mids together this weekend and rolling tons of joints. 20 dollars a gram is base price for dank in dallas it seems.
  9. Orgasm <3 thanks
  10. no problem. i posted these pics lateeee last night so i figured most people didnt see these. it is some amazing stuff :smoking:
  11. DANK, I'll let you know it's better than anything I've ever seen before. I live in South Dakota. X(
  12. yeah. that sucks. you should definitely get a seed from what your getting and grow your own. you wont regret it. ;)
  13. just got a half ounce of this today for 150 :hello: its the last of the first batch. we will see what the next one looks like. more pictures soon:smoking:
  14. Mixing that dank with mids? Say it ain't so.
  15. Dude fer sureee its dank though
  16. I had this a few weeks back in d town...paid 25 a g for it but it was tasty
  17. Yea 25 a g is what I used to pay for bud like this back in my early days of high school. This seems to be a good constant supply for cheap of this, but Ive been smoking some white rhino also.
  18. dankitydoodaa
  19. hell yeah man thats really dank. nice pickup bro

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