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  1. Hey guys, I live in Florida and we get daily afternoon thunderstorms. I know I am supposed to water infrequently, with high volume but our rain pattern is the exact opposite. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  2. You'll be fine bro
    Gets some organic fungicide to help battle the super high humidity and rain
  3. I am having this same problem in Oregon.  Hope my plants end up okay, too.
  4. Your guys plants should do fine, especially if you have some good soil that drains well. But regardless, its been storming here almost daily and all 9 of my plants are looking great! One leaf on one plant is slightly ripped probably due to heavy rain, but it should be fine.
  5. Your plants will be happy with the florida rain. I use to live in FL but never grew there, and the rains dont last long enough to damage a plant. 
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    Southern Oregon Coast grower here.

    A few things about "the wet"...

    A. Extra perlite in your soil mix, solves overwater issues.

    B. Molds, nothing sucks worse then trimming into mold on a big beautiful bud. I swear by a product called Actinovate. It is organic (its a bacteria), and it used both systemically, and sparayed on. I actually like to add a tblspn per cuft of soil & a tspn per 5 gallons of water, soaked in regularly. On top of adding it to my regular organic pest spray.

    C. Looser buds (sativa or sativa crosses) also tend to survive better, thanks to the looseness of the bud structure.
  7. Florida is a difficult state to grow in because of the humidity levels in summer. I means it's 100+ degrees out, then you get pouring rain for an hour, then it's 100+ degrees again with 90% humidity. Watch that.
  8. You could put a 2L soda bottle around your plant if its young enough. Then when its old enough it should be alright.
  9. Doesn't the soda bottle just up the humidity? In florida it should be plenty humid already. I doubt the soda bottle would help. The rain itself isn't damaging to the plants as much as the risk of mold and PM, so I personally think they'll be better off with as much fresh airflow as possible. The organic fungicide sounds like the best option IMO. Watering with silica and/or building it into your soil will also help boost your plants natural immunities.
  10. Thanks. I noticed the humidity was definitely increased. Removed and letting nature take its course.

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